Full Moon in Virgo Plus a Quick Look at Mars into Taurus

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Back from warm and sunny Florida and now preparing for a nor'easter snowstorm this week! Yikes!

What did I miss? 

OK, Mars moved into Taurus on Friday (until April 21st). Mars in Taurus slows us down and steadies our actions.

With Taurus this isn't so much about doing anything new - this is about building on and taking action with "what we already have". Things won't move quickly, but the things we take action on now will be longer-lasting. 

Success comes to the turtle and not the hare. Whatever we are doing, we need to be prepared to keep on doing it. It may take some time. We have Venus retrograde in Aries - Venus rules Taurus and Mars rules Aries, making these planets in what astrologers call - mutual reception - and making both more powerful. With Taurus this will be about our security and stability - stuff Venus already has us focused in on.

People will have a tendency to be more stubborn and unmovable now - we will all be digging in our heels and refusing to change course (hence the slow down). Remember the KISS acronym - keep it simple stupid (except change stupid to sista' - why the hell would we call ourselves stupid?!). That crazy, complicated thingamajig we were thinking about doing - nix it. That thing that looks just too basic to work - yeah do that thing. This is excellent energy to get out in nature and get our hands dirty, too - if you have the weather to garden - we apparently do not - get on with that!

Today we have a Full Moon in Virgo (22 degrees). Virgo is so precise and committed to perfection this is a good time to feel overwhelmed. 

This tension of what is real and what is ideal is the fundamental tension of the Virgo archetype. 

Traditionally Virgo is the sign of the servant and healer. Virgo is also the skilled crafts person - the archetype of being good at something, of taking the time to learn and do something well.

(when Martha says "it's a good thing" she is channeling her inner Virgo, which is probably her sun sign or her Venus, have to look her up)

So in Virgo we gain dignity and self respect from being good at something that is useful to other people.

If you were born with your sun in Virgo this is the basic way you process life, moon in Virgo; the basic way you experience your feelings about life and if your ascendant is in Virgo; the basic way you appear to others - the mask you wear.

(people who think Virgos are fussy or nitpicky are totally missing the point and also forgetting we all have Virgo in our charts)

The Virgo Full Moon reminds us we all have right work. This right work may not be something we will be paid to do. It's not about the money. 

This is about being good at something that is valuable to other people.

It's not about having other people recognize this 'wonderful' thing we are doing though - Virgo is the leg of our hero's journey that comes after Leo where we took center stage and got our applause. 

Virgo is the next space - the one where we release, at least a little bit, our need to be recognized.  Of course at the time of the Virgo Full Moon we don't want to be hiding our light under a bushel - to quote my grandma.

Full Moons bring culminations and 'things to light'. With the Pisces Sun sitting with (wounded healer) Chiron and both opposing the Moon - something hurts here.

I missed writing a post last week when I was away but the whole week was building toward tonight's Full Moon.

Saturn is squaring Mercury - there could be a "no" here or news that sounds like more hard work or some kind of stop sign. This Moon is all about living up to our responsibility. And doing our best. The light will shine clearly on what needs to be done or what isn't going to work out. With Virgo's perfectionism there is bound to be pressure (internal and external) - the key will be putting on our big girl pants and getting on with things. It won't be easy because it will feel like whatever we are doing isn't enough and that we are suddenly all thumbs and elbows. Something isn't quite working out the way we expected here. Mars in Taurus will help. Be a grown up. Know that when we know better we do better. So now we know better. Let's release the idea of perfection - kick it to the curb - it doesn't exist.

I'll do the weekly post in the a.m. Mercury is heading into Aries on Monday so lots of conversations, communications, errands and sibling stuff. xo all

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