Venus Conjunct the Sun | shining a light on what/who we love

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Today, Venus reaches the midpoint of her 2017 forty day retrograde journey.

We should know what this has been about for us by now. If not, here it is right in front of us. The Sun's bright light this weekend provides a point of clarity. Is this what we really want? "Maybe" is not close enough to "YES" for Venus.

During Venus retrogrades our relationship with what we love and value is tested. The way we handle our money (and other resources including the planet Earth) is tested. The stuff we used to love sometimes gets revisited so we can decide if it still makes our heart sing or if it needs to go to make room for something else.

This could be about a person, but it could just as easily be about our work, our career, our art, our role, our self-esteem.

(with all of this happening in me, me, me Aries what we are doing must be valuing ourselves and putting ourselves first - it's oxygen mask time, people! - and that Leo North Node is coming in May when we move forward by working from our heart - it's crunch time to figure this crap out)

Venus wants us feeling that full-hearted affirmative by the Aries New Moon on Monday when she will be sitting conjunct the Sun and the Moon. What is it going to take to get us there?

For us, for now - today's Venus/Sun conjunction at 4 degrees Aries will bring clarity (Sun) around love (Venus). This could also bring something to light (Sun) or something into our heart (Sun) involving a Venus theme - love, money, values, women or the theme of our early Aries house.

Tomorrow, Mercury (news, information, communication) will conjunct Uranus (anything can happen, revolution, surprise) - notice this happens between the Sun/Venus conjunction today and the Aries fresh start New Moon on Monday. Watch for it - although if this impacts you personally you won't be able to miss it. Back tomorrow to talk about that. xo all

NOTE - This journey of Venus (our love, money, values, women) is called an inferior conjunction and means she is changing from an evening to a morning star. We will have to rise before dawn to see her in the sky now because the Sun will be encapsulating her. We are all very attractive to what we really want now. During the time (now) when Venus is a morning star she is a warrior Goddess. She descends into the underworld to reappear reborn.

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