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Today is the second of three exact Jupiter (Libra) and Uranus (Aries) oppositions. We had one back on December 26th at 20 degrees. This one is at 22 degrees. The next (final) one is in late September. If you know the polarity

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of your chart's Libra and Aries axis story - you could be better prepared for how this will all play out this year (what houses do the late degrees of Libra and Aries reside in your natal chart? Google what those houses are all about or ask me).

If you have planets or points in your natal chart in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) from about 16-29 degrees you will feel this energy most strongly this year.

For this week, maybe something from December comes back around for another go. Maybe something culminates or moves to another level. Whatever it is now, it won't be brand new, since Jupiter is retrograde and re-traveling previously traveled degrees but it will be disruptive.

Some people will have itchy feet as the need for personal freedom increases. Probably the more caged a situation has us feeling, the greater the intensity of upset any changes will bring. Libra vs Aries is a kind of 'break-up' energy. Me vs the other person.

If someone's need for personal freedom is clashing with someone else's need for security - the need for freedom could be greater this year. If you are parenting a rebellious teen with planets(s) at these points you would be best to parent them by finding ways for them to express this energy - travel, new experiences, positive new groups and new education, so it doesn't express in more radical ways.

The need for personal freedom can't be stopped (in any healthy ways) and shouldn't be - it can sometimes be directed. Do something else.

It could be with Jupiter vs Uranus that our way of thinking or beliefs (Jupiter) will change (Uranus) and this will impact our circumstances. If we have been a lone wolf (Aries) there could be opportunities to partner (Libra).

Trust (Jupiter) that unexpected and disruptive (Uranus) changes will work out well for us. I usually find with Jupiter transits they either work out to be all about nothing (that planet of gases thing made manifest I think) or they are positive

The status quo will be challenging to maintain if this transit is affecting us ... or a partner. Keep this in mind. xo all

(see the weekly for more info about the energies at play this week)

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