Sun Conjunct Neptune | aligning ourselves with ourselves, feeling inspired

imagination by katrin-elizabeth

The Sun hooks up with Neptune today at 11 degrees Pisces.

Neptune has been in Pisces (the sign he rules) since 2012 (thru 2023). Once a year while Neptune is in Pisces, the Sun will catch up with him in a slightly different space of the Piscean skies.

If there is a way for us to let the day to day chores slide for a bit, this is excellent energy for dreaming and inspiration - for connection, compassion and healing; for aligning ourselves with ourselves.

It's our annual meeting of ego and spirit - our inner focus in strengthened. The more we fail to do this (touch base with ourselves, stop) the more confusion and chaos result.

Look around us - there is so much to feel good about. Our imaginations are wide open today. What do we really see?

A dream (Pisces) could become clear (Sun) now (we can also feel ourselves connecting with the dreams that never came true - they are ripe for release and ready to make way for something new). A light is thrown on imaginative, inspirational work. A light can also be thrown on the things we are hiding.

As we use our imagination and spirit and detach ourselves from this time and place, we can tune into all times and places. Our compassion and sensitivity is heightened - our awareness of the connection we have with each other and how one of us affects all of us becomes clear.

The Aries Moon makes multiple planetary contacts, so as we move through the day we could find ourselves more emotional than usual or more emotionally connected with unusual things, people or situations.

(the fly in the ointment is an increased ability to be susceptible to lies and delusion now - keep this in mind - this is not a good day to invest money, sign a contract or deal with facts and figures - use this energy for something else)

xo all

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