Mercury Opposite Jupiter | Bold Words

Speak by Jean Fan

After yesterday's dust up with Pluto (still in play) fast moving Mercury (in Aries) moves into opposition with Jupiter (in Libra).

Stop ruminating on problems.

There is the potential for good news now (just check the facts), especially about whatever our retrograde Jupiter has us revisiting (see this post). This is a good time to talk about something we are passionate about. Embrace optimism with our speech.

There is the possibility of some over-the-top language that doesn't amount to much in the long run - this possibility is always on the table when Mercury aspects Jupiter. Exaggerated ideas - an ability to gloss over the details and take on more than we can handle. Watch for this and avoid pushy sales people now. The downside of Jupiter is greed and over-confidence - if we avoid that stuff there is good energy for success here.

Be careful not to exaggerate or count chickens that have not been hatched, both will be easy to do now, but if we use this energy for positive communications - mountains can be moved.

NOTE - this energy will tie into Mercury's ongoing story this week which continues on Sunday with a shock, surprise or an unexpected announcement, information, conversation or idea, as he meets up with Uranus. Also note Mercury also rules siblings, our local neighborhood, teaching, learning and transportation - stories could be unfolding with this themes, too. xo all


lynn bowes said...

What a week to have to keep my mouth shut! Well, it was good advice and I followed it almost to perfection. Only a few slips - ha! Funny thing, though - I noticed that others didn't have the benefit of your good advice and were not handling the zipped lip so much on their ends. It was kind of fun to watch (and hear) things unfold when I knew it was best to stay out of other folks' business. Truth be told, this is advice I should follow every day but this week was particularly fun to witness as it unfolded.

The "new" things you spoke of last week are coming back to haunt me this week. I've been having so much fun with watercolors and finally got my work accepted to the Joslyn Art Gallery Gift Shop in Omaha (yay!!!) but - lo and behold - they also want some of my jewelry. So the old stuff is new again and I'm having to dust off the old skillz and create new work this week. Once again feeling the panic of a Monday deadline and this should cure me of ever doing it again, right?

Back to the bench :: xox

Catherine Ivins said...

YAY about the Gallery - your watercolors are gorgeous - it doesn't surprise me they want some of your jewelry, too - plus Venus is retrograde! Deadlines need a new name. Even finish line sounds stressful - ugh zero hour just flew into my head - that sounds even worse!

I've been thinking before speaking, too, except for one slip up and the other party ripped my head off. I literally imagined myself a blowing palm tree to withstand the assault - they scared themselves more than me but I did have to watch a comedy that night to stop ruminating - there was, of course, a lesson for me in the conversation even though the dust up looked pretty one sided. Now I am noticing how I described it here (ripped my head off!) - exaggeration for sure.

Maybe try thinking of the deadline like a visit from an old friend - send your younger self a big hug and sense of gratitude for all the times she had to deal with them that got you where you are and promise your future self you will subject her to them as infrequently and lovingly as possible! ha! xo