Sun Square Saturn | hard work

about hard work by doruoprisan

We probably felt this transit yesterday, too - it's brief, but potent. We have to get it done. We have to keep going. Yadda yadda.

If you are feeling especially wrung out or depressed (and this should ease a bit this weekend as the Moon lifts out of Scorpio into Sagittarius, although the weekend will probably fly by) think about where you might need stronger personal boundaries. Are you taking on other people's stuff?

Which is actually funny to write - since other people are only really reflecting ourselves back to us. So they are actually taking on our stuff! It is exhausting though to be outsourcing some energy onto someone else and then dealing with it as the third person.

We need patience now. 

The Sun will shine a light on road blocks and stop signs (Saturn).

The Sun will shine a light on whatever we have been avoiding. The stuff we are trying to forget about and cramming under the sofa is snowballing. The sooner we just buckle down and get it done the sooner our confidence (Sun) will return.

There are tests and challenges now. There can be difficulties with authority figures. 

Step into that responsibility. Get the work done. We still have that Virgo North Node - small, polished steps will get us where we need to be.

The best thing about having a foggy future is we are forced to stay focused on the present or we make ourselves insane. You don't want to be insane do you? Stay present. Time is stretchy (and yes, last week's clock change didn't help). This transit can provide us with a nice feeling of accomplishment if we just do what we have to do - we've got this thing.

xo all

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