Venus Retrograde in Aries | what really belongs to us plus a blog break

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Venus stations retrograde today at 13 degrees Aries. She will travel back to 23 degrees Pisces before she turns around and heads back on April 14th.

(we also have Jupiter and Saturn retrograde now)

I've written before about how uber important the position of Venus is this year.

We have Saturn in Sagittarius and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter so Saturn is answering to Jupiter. And we have Jupiter in Libra and Libra is ruled by Venus so Jupiter is answering to Venus. So we have Saturn and Jupiter both answering to Venus. The buck stops with her. She is QUEEN.

The learning and growth we experience this year both through expansion (Jupiter) and through constriction (Saturn) come through Venusian energy. AND even after Jupiter moves into Scorpio in October and begins answering to Mars - Mars will be in Libra and answering to Venus. She has 2017 pretty much under her spell.

She came to a complete stop a couple days ago (in Aries), but Mars is still in Aries pushing things along. Once Mars moves into Taurus at the end of next week - action will slow down quite a bit.

Since Venus rules love, money, women, beauty and our values - these areas will be impacted by her retrograde as well as the themes of our early Aries/ late Pisces natal house(s). Check you chart here.

Something within the theme of our Aries/Pisces houses - or involving the Venus themes of love, money, or values - could (to use Pisces terminology) "drift off course", "evaporate" or "fade away". 
Something/someone that looked like a sure thing or our next big thing may turn out to be anything but and something/someone we had written off as over might "drift back into our lives", "re-awaken" or "re-appear".

First she moves us through Aries - the sign of me, myself and I. It will be clear to us what needs to happen to make ourselves a priority

or maybe this feels more like - I must have this my way. Whatever we are dealing with we are going back over it. There will probably be delays. The delays are important.

This is not the time to start a brand new relationship or launch a new business. It's not the time to do anything permanent or long lasting connected to beauty - no new tattoos, nose rings or elective surgery. It's not a good time to invest money in something new or buy something new and expensive. Whatever you do don't run off and get married - unless you are marrying someone again whom you were married to before.

If we meet a new love (person, thing, idea, situation) now, take things VERY slowly and be prepared for stuff to reverse course later. If someone from our past shows back up it doesn't mean "this is meant to be" - it's possible it could work out, but more likely there is just some unfinished business - so we'll finish it.

At the same time Venus stations retrograde (today) we have the Sun, Mercury and Neptune all huddled together in the middle of Pisces. Maybe something we thought we knew for sure, turns out to be an illusion (external) or delusion (internal). Or maybe something we had written off as a fantasy turns out to be actually real.

If the events of 2016 and early 2017 haven't shown us that anything is possible but not everything is real, I can't imagine what would need to happen for us to believe this! It's like we are characters in a video game and a shaky handed grandpa has appropriated the controls from his steady handed grandson. I am honestly not so sure this is far from the truth. Up is down and down is up and we are on a wild ride!

On April 2nd Venus moves back into Pisces - the sign of the imagination; the ethereal realms. Here's where the energy of "my way" (cue the Sinatra soundtrack, or is it only people like me from New Jersey who have this on their desktop?) shifts into a focus on the bigger picture - the space where we all come together. It could be a time when we have to let go of what we want (for now, maybe not for always).

In Pisces, a retrograde Venus will ask us to further define and refine what we value by clouding the situation. And before we complain about the unfairness of that situation we are reminded by Venus that she actually rules fairness (so couldn't be unfair if she tried) and to consider how focused a driver we become when forced to confront that heavy morning fog.

Maybe we have to make a sacrifice, maybe our dreams are so close we can almost touch them, maybe we do. Venus is exalted in Pisces - we'll look at the other aspects as she gets closer for a better idea of how this might all play out.

On April 14th Venus will station direct at 23 degrees Pisces. When the fog lifts she will be conjunct Chiron and squaring Saturn while the Sun is conjunct Uranus and Mercury is retrograde. That should be one hell of a day. Call out sick right now - ha!

Venus is showing us what we really want - what we really value. The opportunity is here now for us to figure out if what we are attempting to do next is something that even belongs to us.

Relationships are tested. The way we handle our money (and other resources including the planet Earth) is tested.  

I was trying to get up one more post - next week's - before going on vacation, but it's just not meant to be!

I will be back in a week, March 12th - if you miss your astro fix Elsa Elsa is a great blog to read and Satori's weekly forecast is excellent.

xo all - going to Florida for a few days- have a great week everyone!


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