Mercury into Aries - them's fightin' words and fired up with new ideas

angry workplace by tarelkin

Mercury (communication, conversation, thoughts, ideas) moves into fiery Aries today.

Our words get to the point.

What comes to mind or out of our mouths first is what catches attention. Words get blunt and powerful and also more potentially hurtful and deadly. Everyone else's words will have more fire behind them, too. Conversations are more straightforward and passionate. More sensitive people can get hurt. Know this is an annual transit and necessary toward everyone's advancement. People will be speaking up and letting the chips fall.

The message becomes more important than the words now because the message is all the other person will hear/remember anyway. The truth will come out and it won't always be pretty.

Communications and conversations will speed up. Our thinking, and everyone else's, will be more independent. New ideas bloom like apples in autumn - pick one. Focus.

Words spoken with passion and authority produce the best results. But remember everyone will be thinking "what's in it for me?" - the goods must be delivered (Mercury in Aries will give the collective a greater tendency to start something full of passion, maybe anger, and then fizzle out). With Aries it is easy to get so fired up over something we haven't thought all the way through and then toss the baby out with the bathwater at the first sign of trouble (and use multiple metaphors in the same sentence, why the hell not!).

It will be very easy to get into a fight now. With Aries, the first sign, focused in on that first thought (wth, did he just insult me?) it will be harder to think twice. If we have to stand up for ourselves the energy to do so will be there for us. It will also be there to cut others off at the knees - keep this in mind.

This is great energy to turn our thoughts and ideas toward ourselves (Aries is about me, me, me after all). Over the next few weeks (through March 31st when Aries moves on) the energy will be there to revamp our language, words, name, profile and start fresh.

What house is Aries in your natal chart? This is the area of life our conversations and communications will focus in on. Mercury also rules siblings, local travel and transportation - all these things will get a shot of Aries fire, too.

xo all

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