Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of November 6th - a long complicated chapter ahead, love and finance issues feel like life and death, ambitions, innovation, itchy feet, we smell smoke

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Let's do the aspects first this week and then take a look at the Moons. I may post a bit less this week - feeling a need to get my head out of the clouds ...

On SUNDAY, Mercury heads into Sagittarius for a 2 month stay (he usually stays in a sign for about 3 weeks!).

See my long post about this HERE.

On TUESDAY, Venus leaves her home sign of Libra and dives into Scorpio. Scorpio Suns and Scorpio Risings get more attractive (more physically attractive and more able to attract what they want). Your Scorpio house gets more magnetic, too!

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Venus rules love, money and women. Getting what we want with any of them becomes an act of seduction. We need to entice. We need to risk our flaws and shadows being visible.  

Venus in Scorpio knows our need for acceptance will make us invisible, so she risks rejection to be seen.

Beauty won't be as attractive to us now as the scars underneath.

Venus in Scorpio doesn't want to be friends - she wants to be soul-mates. We will feel more "all or nothing" with our passions now. Things can crash and burn here. And for better or worse she isn't afraid to manipulate things to get what she wants (and yes, this, and her obsession with secrets and power will be her/our downfall).

People will be drawn to what is hidden; to what we don't show them. Keep this in mind if you sell things for a living. Buyers will want to discover things for themselves.

There will be no place for our secrets (especially women's secrets and love and money secrets and the secrets buried in our natal Scorpio houses) to hide. We draw to us during Scorpio cycles what we have not allowed ourselves to acknowledge in ourselves. So pay attention to what you attract now and see what the person/situation is showing you. There will be lessons about power, playing the victim, jealousy, obsession, compulsion, manipulation, intimacy, truth, other people's money (taxes, loans, spouse's earnings, inheritance, etc), sex, reproduction, life, death and passion.

Venus will be in Scorpio until December 1st.

On THURSDAY, the Sun (in Scorpio) will sextile Pluto (in Capricorn). Since Pluto rules Scorpio we get a double-dose of Pluto making this especially powerful energy for change and transformation. We will be feeling ambitious. It will be easier to find a passion and pursue it now. This is good energy to get to the bottom of things, focus on important issues and make changes for the better.

On SATURDAY, Saturn (in Sagittarius) will trine (brakes off) Uranus for the 3rd time this year. As last week's painful square with Chiron separates, Saturn moves into position to trine Uranus working to bring our lives (and goals) more into alignment with our beliefs and our ideals. This has been a theme all year.

So maybe something old (Saturn) is new again (Uranus). Maybe this is a good time for new (Uranus) structures/boundaries/rules (Saturn). Maybe we work (Saturn) for change (Uranus). Maybe the establishment (Saturn) is shaken up (Uranus). Maybe for some of us structure (Saturn) creates more freedom (Uranus). Whatever this is the old (Saturn) and the new (Uranus) are working together. Remember trines are 'brakes off' periods when things flow. They are also easy to miss for exactly this reason. Pay attention.

Also with trines we don't need to push - stuff falls together. With Saturn time is on our side as long as we are doing our job with the energies.

Anything contacting Uranus can give us itchy feet (and unexpected out-of-the-blue situations). Now is a good time to work (Saturn) that itch. Solid plans began now (Saturn rules time) can create big opportunities for change (Uranus). Innovations offer breakthroughs. Remember that North Node in Leo - what does your heart want? Which direction is your natural spotlight? Check your Leo and Sun houses for themes!

Also on SATURDAY, the Sun will square the North Node (in Leo and the Sun rules Leo) and the South Node (in Aquarius). Squares are tension. With the Sun in Scorpio maybe something taboo/secret or involving other people's resources/finances will need to be worked through before we can proceed. The aspects today are creating a Grand Fire Trine, so there is real opportunity here to burn away the old, dead energy and make space for some fresh air.

This may or may not feel good depending on how wedded we are to what is on fire ....

Note all the aspects I have written about above are noted for the day the energies are exact. They can be in play for some time before and after. There are some other aspects we will talk about, too.

xo all

The Moons in the week ahead : there are no Void Moons during work hours. On MONDAY, the Moon is in Gemini, so we will be busy - communicating, multi-tasking, lots of activities and errands. There could be some kind of unexpected opportunity late in the day as the Moon trines Uranus, but first it will square Saturn, so we will need to get through some kind of block/depression there. On TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY the Moon will be in Cancer so we could be focused on home and family issues. Security themes/patriotism - I would bet on a big voter turnout in the U.S. on Tuesday. Nurturing, motherhood - what we need to feel safe. We could find ourselves more emotional with whatever we are dealing with since we now have both the Moon and Venus in water signs. On THURSDAY and FRIDAY the Moon is in Leo focusing us on our creative work, children, recreation and romance. Next weekend the Moon will be in organized Virgo - so the perfect time to do all the fall yardwork, paperwork, closet cleaning, etc.