Last Quarter Moon, Mars Inconjunct Neptune, Saturn Trine Uranus - a nagging sense of discomfort, needing to push ourselves, working for change, stagnant stuff gets stirred up, creating the structure that brings us more freedom

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Tonight, we have a fast moving Grand Fire Trine between the Moon (in Leo), Saturn (in Sagittarius) and Uranus (in Aries). Then the Moon moves on and we are left with the 3rd trine between Uranus and Saturn, within the last twelve months, perfecting tomorrow and within orb for the next few weeks until Saturn moves into Capricorn. We also have Mars inconjunct Neptune - 11 degrees - and the Last Quarter Moon in Leo (involved in the Grand Fire Trine) at 18 degrees.

The Last Quarter Moon (Sun square Moon) is a halfway point between the waning and waxing cycles. It is a time of adjustment and tension. There is no resting place here. Something wants to move. Something needs to resist. We are closer to the next New Moon than we are to the last, so we can't see clearly where things are headed. The Mars/Neptune inconjunct says something about wanting to get away from it all, but either no rest for the weary or escaping into fantasy creating disharmony or imbalance here.

Actually all most of November is a bit tricky.

We could be feeling ambitious and fired up, but then maybe can't get our shoes to hit the pavement.

There are multiple inner planets in their 'detriment' now - meaning hanging out in their polarity signs. Mars is in Libra (Mars rules Libra's polarity sign of Aries), Venus is in Scorpio (Venus rules Scorpio's polarity sign of Taurus) and Mercury is in Sagittarius (Mercury rules Sagittarius' polarity sign of Gemini). None of these guys are at their best. No one here is truly comfortable. It's like your office is being painted and you are working in the hallway. Mars and Venus are in mutual reception which is helpful. But if we are going to get anything done, we are going to have to push ourselves.

I was in hub's shop for a couple hours the other day and noticed all the low-level complaining that goes on over there. Politics, the weather, traffic - everyone who stopped in had something to gripe about (maybe this is how men connect? or just Mars in Libra?) while they waited on whatever hubs was doing. No one spoke about anything important (although they do sometimes come to George with important issues at times - he is a bit of a garage guru, plus he is sometimes there at night and they stop in after work - I tell him he's sort of like a dry bartender). There was just a nagging sense of discomfort with everyone. Like they were all walking around with pebbles in their shoes, but couldn't find the time, or strength, to bend over and dislodge them.

That's what these planets in their detriment can feel like. It can feel like failure. It can feel like giving up. There's a kind of inertia we need to push through now. So, let's push on. We are doing important work by pushing through the sludge even though it might look like we are only sweeping the porch.

Saturn is trining (brakes off) Uranus. This has been in play for weeks and perfects on Saturday. This is the 3rd of these trines within the past twelve months. This energy has played a big role in 2017. Saturn rules our past, solid structure and stable ground and Uranus points a finger toward an uncertain future and announces, "THERE!" - then gives us a kick. Saturn rules control and order and Uranus rules change and turmoil.

This weekend's trine (in play until mid-December) tells us these two diverse energies can somehow work together now.

Maybe our goals and firm plans (Saturn) need to stay flexible, so we can pivot (Uranus) when we need to. Maybe our wild and outlandish schemes (Uranus) need to be grounded in something solid (Saturn) to get off the ground.

It reminds me of conservatives (Saturn) working with/embracing Trump (Uranus) in 2017 which at other times would have been impossible. This energy shifts in 2018 as Saturn comes home to Capricorn - limits, rules, traditions and accountability are strengthened. And Uranus moves into Taurus - shaking up the most comfortable/stable spaces of our charts. New ways of surviving/thriving will be needed. Uranus and Saturn will be in trine again next summer though (in different signs than in 2017).

Tomorrow's Virgo Moon (void until lunchtime EST) will draw us toward routine, practical matters. That's all well and good, but keep in mind the Saturn/Uranus trine in play, too - trines are so smooth they are easy to miss. Pay attention to what falls into place now.

(and yes, I know I said we had to push through with so many personal planets in their detriment and we do - but the trine won't need a push - the trine will just be there and we can choose whether or not to put it to use)

This is our last chance with this energy in these signs (Capricorn/Aries) for decades. We have maybe 5 or 6 more weeks to shift into something new or tweak something old - Saturn is allowing us to take our time with this, but Uranus is preparing to (literally- Taurus rules the planet!) shake the ground beneath our feet.

I wrote about tomorrow's trine between Saturn and Uranus HERE - check Saturday and take advantage of this energy in some way.

xo all

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