Full Moon in Taurus | maximum value, a light on that empty corner, feeling under-appreciated, the smother mother, a season for everything, cue Doris Day

Q by geonebieridze

We kick off November with today's Full Moon in comfort-loving Taurus. Issues surrounding Taurus themes - our income, purchases, possessions, our values (conduct/conscience) and self-esteem are highlighted. Something here is wrapping up, coming to light or reaching its maximum value.

The Sun and Moon are squaring Ceres (in Leo). The Moon will be sextiling (opportunity) Neptune (retrograde in Pisces). The Sun will be trining (brakes off) Neptune. At the same time Venus (in Libra and the ruler of Taurus and this Full Moon) will be opposing Uranus (in Aries). And Uranus will be trining (brakes off) Saturn.

This could all be about one thing for us or play out in multiple situations. If you have planets or points around 11 degrees of the fixed signs - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius - you will probably feel today's energy strongest.

The square to Ceres shows tension around any lack (or perceived lack) of comfort, shelter, security, nourishment or support. A light is thrown on what we don't have here. With Ceres in ego-driven (and love-hungry) Leo we could feel a need to be acknowledged or noticed for the ways we are providing any of these things to someone else. Again we will notice what we don't have - the ways what we do goes unappreciated.

If we look deeper (it is Scorpio season and the Sun is in Scorpio!) we could find something magnified out of proportion. The drive to feed any unmet needs could be fierce, but what are we really trying to fill here? Issues around mother, motherhood, food, security could be in play.

With a light thrown on any potential for loss now (again real or perceived) we could be afraid to loosen our grasp on anything we "own". The Ceres archetype is about cycles of birth, growth and death (read the mythology if you are not familiar with her story) - there is a time and a season for everything. But Taurus likes everything to remain just as it is. This Full Moon could be about us trying to hold on to a cycle that is ending ....

Today's positive aspects with watery Neptune tells us that anything running through our hands now is meant to go

Its release will free up our hands for more solid holdings.  

Venus, the ruler of today's Full Moon, is opposite Uranus, so whatever is happening could be a total surprise or even a total reversal. Uranus will offer alternatives that we hadn't previously considered or been attracted to - the trine to Saturn tells us they could require a bit of time and patience and maybe some elbow grease, but they are there. 

If we can release the Taurean hunger for what we think we want or need to keep we might just end up with something much better in the long run.

Whatever will be will be here. Cue Doris Day.

Hold on very loosely. A certain level of detachment will be helpful now. The more that Taurus bull digs in his heels, the greater the hole in the ground for us to deal with later. Stay malleable.

In some ways all of us are dealing with painful limits (Saturn square Chiron, exact this week and within orb for most of the rest of 2017). There is a need to figure out what we really value now and give our focus - time, attention and resources - to that. Working with what we have. Making the most of what we have.

With Saturn coming home to Capricorn in just a few weeks AND with the North Node in Leo - we need to balance the diverse themes of "winter is coming" (preparing for winter) WITH following our heart/joy. The space where these things intersect is our sweet spot. No one said this was going to be easy though.

Today's Moon in "let's get comfortable" Taurus is a time to get clear on what we really need and to appreciate what we already have.

I hope you have been getting outside and walking in it. xo all

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