Venus inconjunct Uranus, Mars Square Juno, Mercury Trine Pallas | relationship issues, communicating new plans/ideas, revisions, we change the world by changing ourselves

O+A2 by fridaa-vl
We have three separate exact aspects today all indicating relationship tension/focus - so let's take a look at a way through these.

First we have Venus (ruler of Libra and Taurus, our 7th and 2nd house - relationships, partnerships, love, money, our resources, our values, our self-esteem)

currently in her detriment meaning not all comfy cozy in Mars ruled Scorpio, although not for long and we have Uranus (ruler of Aquarius and our 11th house - the new and unexpected, sudden changes, distant relationships, the internet, the future, technology) in Aries, although not for long either, inconjunct each other at 25 degrees.

Inconjuncts are the 'between a rock and a hard place' aspect. No wiggle room can be found here. Move toward our right hand and our left hand hurts. Move to the left and ... well, you get the picture.

A restlessness, felt within close relationships or possibly financial matters, could be making us or someone else, well, restless.

Maybe we need some space. Maybe they do. Maybe we need greater intimacy. Maybe they do. Maybe we (or they, if we are pushing this energy onto someone else so we can deal with it indirectly) only know we need something else/something more/something different.

Inconjuncts are part of a process. There are no easy answers.

If we are born with them there is a constant seesawing between the two spaces throughout our lives until we learn to maintain some kind of balance there (and even then the balance will probably be fleeting).

In this case, this is a transit so by nature it is transitory. It has something to offer us NOW, but it's NOT the whole story. Remember the charge for real intimacy doesn't need to be our independence - although real intimacy does require interdependence. We can see that right?

If you are feeling this one - this yearning for something that stays out past curfew and tastes like freedom - do something new and unexpected. Maybe something for yourself. But don't toss the baby out with the bathwater just right now (it's cold outside and babies don't like the cold so much).

We also have Mars (ruler of Aries and our 1st house of ourselves, the way we start things, our initiative, our passion, war and anger) currently in his detriment meaning not all comfy, cozy in Venus ruled Libra squaring Juno (marriage, partnership, relationships) in all-business Capricorn at 22 degrees.

Juno in Capricorn likely wants relationships to adhere to traditional rules, limits and commitments. She wants everyone to live up to conventional responsibilities. She wants B to follow A. And Mars in Libra can be rather passive-aggressive. Something here is creating tension. Maybe one person wants a bigger commitment than the other person is ready to agree to. Maybe a "rule" has been broken. There are many ways this could play out.

Squares are the challenges that lead to development, growth and change. Something has to give here. And we can only change ourselves. So what's it going to be?

The last leg of today's relationship trifecta - and yes, I am stretching things a bit to call this one 'about relationships', but I think it could be based on the other aspects - is Mercury (ruler of Gemini and Virgo, our 3rd and 6th houses - communication, ideas, thinking, local environment, siblings, transportation, the way things and ideas move, our day-to-day routine, health, work environment, co-workers, pets) currently in his/her detriment meaning not all comfy cozy in Jupiter ruled Sagittarius trining Pallas Athena.

Now Pallas is currently retrograde in fiery Aries. So the words/plan/communication (Mercury) that will work here (trine) is maybe not a totally new idea. Pallas in Aries blends our creative intellect with our actions and initiative. Maybe a system/strategy can be communicated (Mercury) now in a way that moves something forward, clicks something into place or allows other people to "buy in". Or maybe we are the only one buying in just yet and that is OK, too. Mercury is in his shadow (walking degrees he will walk two more times), so we will be dealing with this again or throughout the next few weeks as we review, re-invent and refine it.

It won't be all tied up with a pretty red bow just yet.

Bottom line for today - pushing other people to conform to our rules/wants is not likely to work, instead work on/communicate (this communication can even be internal since Pallas in Aries is fiercely independent) a revised plan or strategy for the future.

We change the world by changing ourselves.

xo all


lynn bowes said...

I am feeling this one so big right now and am so out of balance I can hardly sleep. Well, I'm NOT sleeping. Do me a big favor and predict the future, will ya? I need to know what's around the next corner. I know, I know, it's all part of the process but so uncomfortable!

Catherine Ivins said...

I know! I got into astrology to see what was going to happen and only have more questions! I think I have been cheated - ha!

We are supposed to feel out of balance now Lynn - if you are awake (and I don't mean not sleeping but there's that, too) you are feeling out of balance - Saturn (the father, our stability) is on the galactic center - what could be more out of balance. The guarantees are gone, the ground is gone, but so are the walls and limits ... think about how you want to feel - find something to do that makes you feel like that.