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Deep, thoughts .. by Kenrocks

Today, we have Saturn (in his final two months in Sagittarius) squaring Chiron (in Pisces). This is their third and final square, since last December, in these two signs.

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Saturn requires us to put in the hours and do the hard work. There are no short-cuts. I guarantee that as a reader of this blog, this is not a challenging concept for you.

If it was you wouldn't have read more than one post, because I am very Saturnian (Saturn natally one degree from my Aquarius Sun in my 3rd house of communication) and you would have been turned off and think I am "too negative" (which I can be, of course). You likely have some strong Saturn/Capricorn/10th house yourself with some hardy Virgo and/or Plutonian energy tossed in for good measure!

Now Chiron is not as well understood as Saturn.

He is a much more recent discovery and astrologers are still working him out. It would appear, based on the mythology, and what astrological researchers can see from studying hundreds/thousands of charts - that the space he occupies in our natal chart contains an un-healable wound. It is more of a "learn to live with it" kind of thing.

You can imagine with Saturn (work, time, limits, father) squaring the wounded healer (Chiron) multiple times this year - there would be a story, or various stories, of accepting some limit or restriction or being forced to deal with something we don't want to deal with.

With Saturn/Chiron this could be about a vulnerability passed down to us through our father's lineage.

Now, this time - maybe 3rd time is the charm - we have the gift of Mercury (in Scorpio) trining Chiron during his square to Saturn. There is a way out/back door here.

Mercury in Scorpio could require intensive research or puzzling through the problem. It could be about deep honesty - talking about whatever this is with another person or writing about it. This is not going to work unless we go deep (Scorpio) with our mind (Mercury).

If we are on the receiving end of a conversation like this, and someone is being vulnerable to us, it is important to hold a space for the other person's words. Don't judge. Let the person know you are listening. You don't have to have all or even any of the answers. There is a reason they are talking to you though. What are you hearing?

At the same time Mercury is inconjunct Uranus. Can anything be anything other than complicated this year! Ugh!

So the communication/information/language or the response to it could be unexpected and catch us off guard.

The Moon is in easy-to-anger Aries.

If we are tempted toward saying something hurtful - STOP - go after something easier to replace than a friend/job, etc - tear up the junk mail, break some sticks, take a LONG, sweaty walk.

There could be something that feels like failure here. We might be acutely aware of our past mistakes/shortcuts and the time we have wasted (which we didn't). We could be dealing with issues around emotional blackmail/guilt. Talk about what hurts. Write it down.

We are moving into a brand new age and truly we need to be not as emotionally connected to our past as we once were. We can't be and do what we need to do. Can you feel the truth of that?

I saw a documentary about a man who woke up on a subway with no memory. Eventually his family found him, but he didn't remember them and they didn't recognize him. He talked differently. He walked differently. He liked different clothes and movies and a different flavor of ice cream. This makes sense, right. All the experiences that impacted who he was were erased. He was/got to be a totally different person.

This isn't exactly what is happening to us as a collective as we move into a new world, but in some ways it is. We are evolving.

The sweet spot in a less emotional attachment to our past is the wide-open space that is being created to make new memories. Self-limiting beliefs about who we are and what we can do are being erased. We can work from our roots. It is actually freeing us up.

This might be a hard couple days for some people. Be gentle with ourselves and others. We really are all in this together.

xo all

(remember that long Void Moon starting at lunch time EDT)

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