Mercury Conjunct Saturn | black hole Tuesday, the rising divine masculine, stepping into our responsibility, will the center hold

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Today we have Mercury and Saturn meeting up at 27 degrees Sagittarius. Yes, that is the degree (27-28) of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, that houses all the planets in our solar system including ours - the Galactic Center. 

This is the place where time and space were created so you and I would have a place to learn and grow and work and play.

Saturn (security, stability, the patriarchy, the rules, duty, judgement, authority) has spent quite a bit of time on or near the Galactic Center this year - getting a makeover or maybe I should say a make-under. And now he meets Mercury here.

The people and structures that carry the greatest load of the old Saturn archetype have felt this first. Everything that isn't solid as a rock has fallen or is falling. Our big institutions are on shaky ground. Our heroes have fallen from their outgrown pedestals (as they are stripped to their humanity). Our safety net has holes large enough that even our winter backsides, holed up with a hot chocolate and cider donut, can slip through easily.

(think about how the safety net has morphed into the internet as we have moved into the Age of Aquarius and the pros and cons of that)

As Saturn morphs and speaks to/through us via Mercury, as the divine masculine rises (it's not a coincidence Mars is in Libra answering to Venus today), as we are all handed back the stuff (responsibility for creating our own lives) that, through our patriarchal paradigm, Saturn has carried for us - THANK YOU SATURN - we are ready (ready or not) to take back the controls.

The life we begin creating now, the life we will be living in a few months, a few years will be all on us. Does this thrill or terrify us? Did you just scream "BOTH!", smart reader?! Yes, I will second that one!

Astrologers believe that planets are 'discovered' when humans are ready to use their energies. Saturn (limits, time, the father) used to be the farthest planet we knew about because he is the farthest planet that can be seen with our naked eye. Then along came Uranus and Neptune and Pluto. And Saturn became a bridge (along with Jupiter) from the personal planets to the outer planets. Now there are new planets being 'discovered' all the time and humanity is changing at an unprecedented rate! Saturn has been trying his best to hold onto his position during all this time, but he is tired or maybe out-"manned" now or it is just his time to let go of the reins a bit.

This is his final stop before he comes home to Capricorn in late December, whether he comes home a new man or an embittered one trying to hold onto something that is slipping away, is totally up to us.

In our personal lives today's energy - Mercury meeting Saturn - could be felt now as a stepping into our responsibility

(I have been writing about this for years - my Mercury - writing - is in Capricorn answering to Saturn and Saturn is one degree from my natal Sun in my 3rd house - ruled by Mercury - believe me I have felt this, even as I pushed the stuff I didn't want to be responsible for/look at in myself, onto other people anyway)

by having to speak clearly and seriously, come to terms with reality, set firm boundaries, make a verbal or written commitment, hear or say NO.

Something is officially stated here (I am, quite appropriately now that I think about, renewing my driver's license tonight). Something is slowed down. Something hits a wall. How big a something is happening for us depends on how far we need to shift right now.

AND, keep in mind Mercury is about to go retrograde and will walk this same degree next week and then will meet up with Saturn again in mid January when they are both in Capricorn - maybe that is the final, final grade. I wrote about this HERE - check Tuesday.

Between now and then whatever we think is finalized will likely evolve a bit - more choices, more questions, more facts to be sifted through.

And in some way, with whatever situation we find ourselves in now (situations all created by our previous beliefs, thoughts and actions), each one of us is asking ourselves, "will the center hold?"

xo all

let's tend to our words now - they are literally the building blocks of our future lives - and maybe because my natal Venus sits right on the Galactic Center, too - let's celebrate her/us!!

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