Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of November 13th - expanding desires, getting lucky, possible confusion, fresh starts that require a total commitment, danger will robinson

s by marina kochetyga

This is a big LOVE and MONEY week with Venus meeting up with Jupiter (in Scorpio) at the beginning of the week and the BIG New Moon in Scorpio at the end of the week!

On Monday, Venus catches with Jupiter (luck, expansion) in Scorpio. I think we should be able to see them in the early morning sky, weather permitting, at about 5:30 AM EST (google for your local area).

This energy will AMPLIFY what we want.

Do we really want it? YES, we really, really do.

Venus themes (PLUS the theme of your natal Scorpio house) of love, money, our values and self-esteem will be given a boost. These two will be within orb of each other for the rest of the month. This is GOOD energy. Potentially GREAT energy!

The rest of Monday is a bit of a mixed bag. 

We might wake up on the wrong side of the bed with the Moon (in Virgo) squaring Saturn. Is it Monday already? The Moon will go void (10:45 AM EST) and stay that way until she moves into "can't we all just get along" Libra at 6:26 PM EST. Our best bet - don't start anything new or send anything out into the world we want 'something to come of' during the Moon's void.

Mercury (in Sagittarius) will be squaring Neptune (in Pisces) potentially fogging up communications, information or our thinking. Not the best time to sign on the dotted line. We could be a bit unrealistic. Give the facts another go-over.

Coming at the same time as the Venus/Jupiter conjunction this square isn't a stop sign, but it is a flashing yellow light. Proceed with caution. Double check a few things. 

The Venus/Jupiter luck/expansion conjunction as well as the New Moon on Friday will be all about our natal Scorpio houses. Here is a rundown by sign - if you know your ascendant sign check that, too:

ARIES - expansion/new beginnings via 'other people's money', loans, debts, inheritances, partner's income, shared resources, intimacy
TAURUS - expansion/new beginnings within your partnership, equal relationships
GEMINI - expansion/new beginnings with your health, day-to-day work, routine, pets
CANCER - expansion/new beginnings via creativity, romance, children, fun
LEO - expansion/new beginnings via home, family, domestic issues
VIRGO - expansion/new beginnings via communications, information, ideas, plans, sibling situations
LIBRA - expansion/new beginnings via your personal resources, income, values, self-esteem
SCORPIO - expansion/new beginnings via any of the above or below, you could be in the right place at the right time Scorpio - this is YOUR connection to Jupiter and YOUR New Moon!
SAGITTARIUS - expansion/new beginnings through a hidden/background desire/dream taking off, help from behind the scenes, intuition
CAPRICORN - expansion/new beginnings through groups, the internet, your public image, a new friendship
AQUARIUS - expansion/new beginnings with career, public image, relationship with authority
PISCES - expansion/new beginnings with something/someone foreign, travel, education, wedding, legal issues, politics, publishing

On TUESDAY, the Moon in Libra will sextile (opportunity) Mercury (in Sagittarius) - this is good energy to be communicating/socializing with other people. We could have some new ideas now or new, opportunistic information could come in. This is good energy for business and personal relationships and interactions. In the P.M. Mars will be conjuncting the same Libran Moon pushing us to take action or deal with other people's actions. This energy could make us (and other people)  - determined to get something started/moving, feeling brave, feeling passionate or just feeling pissed off.

On WEDNESDAY, the Moon in Libra will square Pluto, oppose Uranus and sextile Saturn before going void at 7:50PM EST. Pluto could have us pushing, maybe dealing with power struggles, control issues. Uranus could offer up a surprise, attract us toward something unusual or just deliver us restless legs (or restless something else). The opportunity today comes with Saturn - we could be making a commitment or solidifying something now. Be responsible. Do the right thing.

On THURSDAY, we have a trine (brakes off) between Neptune and Venus and the Sun and Chiron. Excellent energy to get a reboot/healing through art and meditation and time spent in nature. Brakes are removed through forgiveness, compassion and acceptance now. We'll talk about this stuff in greater detail in the dailies. This will likely relate to whatever the week's Jupiter/Venus conjunction is kicking up. The Moon will have moved into Scorpio favoring research, investigation, financial issues, intimacy issues, death, rebirth and reproduction.

Late FRIDAY into SATURDAY we have a BIG New Moon in Scorpio. I will do a post. This gives our Jupiter in Scorpio year-long theme real OOMPH and demands our total commitment to anything kicked off now. The Moon will inconjunct Uranus (in Aries) so there could be something out-of-the-blue here or maybe the inconjunct gives whatever is happening a greater impact than we expected. The Moon will be trining Chiron. There is something uncomfortable here even if we are getting what we want.

On SATURDAY and SUNDAY, we have a potentially violent square between Mars (in Libra) and Pluto (in Capricorn). This could also have a connection to the New Moon. This is about power struggles and possible confrontations.

Keep a cool head. Avoid dangerous situations. This isn't such great energy for the collective. Hopefully we are able to avoid damage here.

With Mars in Libra this could be about a partner/ally/enemy situation involving (Pluto) financial, death, divorce, reproduction, karma, transformation, sex, other people's resources in a Capricorn setting - something that rocks our 'structure', established authority, etc.

This is very ambitious energy. People will be looking to get ahead and come out on top. The word "ruthless" about sums it up. If this is connected to the expansion of that thing we really, really want - I don't want to think about what we will do to get it!

Stay honest. Keep things above board.

This energy CAN be used to move a mighty big mountain. If we can do it without making any enemies, they will not prove so easy to dispense with later, so much the better.

xo all

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