Mercury Square Chiron | words that hurt, words that heal, don't overthink it, asking different questions, arrows that find their mark

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Today, we have Mercury (in Sagittarius) squaring Chiron (in Pisces) at 24 degrees.

With Mercury (words, ideas, communications, thoughts) in bigger-is-better, sky's-the-limit Sagittarius our words already have a tendency to come out with more force/bluntness than we might have intended.

They can fly out like arrows from the archer's bow - too late to take them back or send a warning shot by aiming a little higher. We can also be more forceful in expressing our views - which are the right views because they're ours, right?

Today's square to wounded-healer Chiron asks us to think before we speak. Avoid the temptation to try to convince other people we know what we are talking about. If what we are about to say isn't helpful TO THEM, and maybe even if we think it will be - just zip it. Save that off-color joke for another day.

If we are the ones on the receiving end of a thoughtless comment or sharp remark that stings it will pay to remember the other person's words may have been tossed out quite unintentionally. They don't know we carry an open wound from 1992 just above our right shoulder and damn if their carelessly tossed arrow observation didn't land exactly there

The fact it found its mark is what we want to be paying attention to. Think of the person as an angel with a message (who just happens to be carrying a quiver packed with arrows and looks like our mother, angels don't all show up with soft wings and choir voices). Not because we actually look "just like your Aunt Bertha in those pants", yes, the Aunt Bertha who died of diabetes in 2008 when she couldn't control that sweet tooth.

But because we are still thinking/obsessing about that comment hours later.

If our pain seems out of proportion to the situation asking ourselves - why do these words hurt - what open wound is this activating -  is a good use of this energy. This is a good time for journaling.

On the other hand this could be just the right time to speak (Mercury) our truth (Sagittarius). Someone is probably going to get hurt though. This isn't necessarily our problem, but let's know what our intention is before going public with painful information or snapping back at a thoughtless comment now.

Maybe Aunt Bertha liked to wear red and our red pants had mom remembering that. Maybe the square to Chiron is making mom more nostalgic. Maybe she always secretly coveted Aunt Bertha's booty. Maybe screaming at her that she has always favored our sister and isn't she the one who gave us sugary treats as rewards anyway and we are just sick to death of her rudeness isn't particularly helpful.

We will all be more mentally sensitive now.

This could also play out with a sibling (Mercury ruled) or our intellect. Today's energy could have us feeling we are just not quite up to snuff about something mentally. I have been feeling like this with my memory. I miss the days when the words I needed were right there where I last put them and I didn't have to rummage around in a brain, that feels like an unsorted sock drawer, to find them. Sigh.

xo all

Late tonight Mercury will trine revolutionary Uranus making it a good time to burn the midnight oil for new ideas. Either get to bed early to avoid it or plan to be up for hours!


Judy said...

Another wise and excellent post. To anyone sharing an offhand or intentional/unintentional hurtful comment, to suggest that "...Think of the person as an angel with a message..." is so on point. Thanks for this reminder as we head into the Holiday Season! And thanks Cat, for all you share. ♥ :)

Catherine Ivins said...

Thanks for your kind words Judy - I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

hugs- Cat :)