Sun Sextile Pluto | the opportunities come from stepping into our power, using our influence responsibly, living our truth, pushing without generating resistance and without falling on our ass, accepting what we can't change

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Today we have the Sun (in Scorpio) sextiling (opportunity) Pluto (in Capricorn) at 17 degrees.

Sextiles are compatible aspects. So the Sun and Pluto are working well together now. They strengthen each other. And our Scorpio/Capricorn house themes and the archetypal themes represented by Scorpio and Capricorn which naturally support each other are strengthened and activated now, too.

The opportunity with this energy comes from stepping into our power and responsibility.

We are all UBER-influencers. We influence our own lives and the lives of other people. With Capricorn lasting things are accomplished over time.  

There are no shortcuts to respect, especially self-respect.

We will be feeling ambitious. It will be easier to find a passion and pursue it now. This is good energy to get to the bottom of things, focus on important issues and make changes for the better.

Maybe we can push without eliciting the usual "pushback" response. We can be confident without turning people off by being perceived as pushy. The light tossed on power/control warms us and makes us feel safe somehow.

It is important to use these energies wisely. Misuse of power has consequences. This energy is best used to control ourselves NOT to control other people.

We want to be living (Sun) in our truth (Pluto). Planet Earth and its billions of inhabitants need us to be living in our truth.

Today's sextile is a good kick off point for a move in that direction. This "living in our truth" thing gets bandied about, but what does it really mean? It's about real honesty, right? Recognizing that to a very great extent we are the creators of our lives here.

Maybe it's about recognizing -

1. Our suitcases. What has happened to us in the past is not nearly as important as the way we carry what has happened to us. It isn't about what our mother said to us in 1987. It's about why we remember that thing our mother said to us in 1987 when presumably she said a million other things to us, too, that we don't remember. Why do we remember that? Why are we carrying that? Why are we still choosing to own that? It's Scorpio season - the dirty undies at the bottom of our suitcase need to come out to be laundered or tossed.

(and working with this analogy this could be good time to clean our closets - giving away the things we have outgrown - we can shift emotional energies through shifting physical energies, the results are not always long-lasting, but they can get us moving in a new direction)

2. You complete me. Worst movie line ever. This whole looking for someone/something to 'complete us' is an endless search that will always only lead us back to ourselves. No one is coming down into the well to save us. No one has the missing puzzle piece to finish our picture. We are going to have to scale the damn wall and get ourselves out. We might just have to live with an incomplete puzzle. Why is a finished puzzle better than one in process? Where the hell is the fun in that?

3. Hero worship. We can only stand on a pedestal for so long before our legs start to cramp and we lose our balance (and the same goes for the people we look up to). Pedestals are way too small. We will always outgrow them. There's a reason the little silver guys on our trophies are welded on there.

4. You can never have enough money. This isn't about how much you care about money or how much money you actually have, this is about how much money you feel you have. We will never feel like we have enough money to make us safe/happy. The finish line will keep getting moved. This is why doing it for the money or making money our main goal is a great way to make sure we can never win.

5. Taking things personally. This is a major reason we get 'out of our truth'. Trying to live up to other people's expectations. Their crap isn't about us. This doesn't mean it isn't showing up in our life to serve a purpose for us. Other people are our mirrors. They are always showing us a part of ourselves. This doesn't make us responsible for what other people do or want though, even if the situation looks like this is true - we are their mirrors, too. The buck stops with each of us.

We make choices everyday about what we do with our time/energy/resources, what we put into our mouths, what we do with our bodies, what we watch/listen to, what we say out loud and what we tell ourselves. 

Today's opportunistic energy makes this very fertile ground to shift/create something more strong and lasting here. 

We already have shovels in the dirt we might as well dig a foundation.

So take some kind of action today toward shining in a more authentic way - Capricorn is a cardinal sign that initiates. Let's use this power wisely.

xo all


DancingMooney said...

Love this post Cat, makes me think of so many things... I was telling you recently how I wished we had done 'more' to this house by now, but sometimes I find myself thinking... well if *I* made more money, I could put that into the things that *I* want to get done. But you are right, where is the fun in being so focused on the money, that we forget to LIVE.


The sun has come out today, feels like the first time in a while... good day to do some journaling and walking, and maybe even clean out the closet. (Been meaning to take a big stack of stuff to Goodwill) Also need to finish sanding/painting the baseboard trim in the living room for these anticipated new floors we may get soon. (insert big laugh here)

Blessings and love to you my friend. Your wisdom and insight always helps me look at the bright side.


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stregata said...

Another great post to think about, Cat. Really think.
Thank you for continuing to translate the stars for us.