Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of November 27th - karmic shift, final exams kick off, serious conversations, stuff slows down, the "re's" begin, abrupt change, confrontations

Pilot's wife. Prayer. by Natalie Ciobanu

This is a BIG week with lots of twists and turns.

On MONDAY, we should have the energy we need to hit the ground running. Keep busy and on task to avoid any pessimism/judgmental thinking that tomorrow's approaching Mercury/Saturn conjunction could be stirring up. The Moon (in Pisces) is sextiling (opportunity) Pluto, so the root of a problem could be accessible now. Intense feelings could bubble up. Help someone else.

On TUESDAY, Mercury meets up with Saturn (limits, endings, reality, responsibility) at 28 degrees Sagittarius. The things Mercury rules - our thinking/communications, computers, ideas, the fast-moving stuff in our life, siblings, our local neighborhood, our cars (package deliveries - oh my!) slow down. Things get serious. Some things hit a limit/wall.

This is the last leg of our Saturn through Sagittarius journey that started back in late December 2014. This is also the degree where Saturn stationed retrograde back in March and April of this year AND this is the degree of the Galactic Center (the black hole at the center of our galaxy).

We are preparing to graduate, but before we get our cap and gown and anyone tosses flowers at us and hands us a gift card to Olive Garden - we have to get through our final exams.

Mercury in Sagittarius is about speaking our truth. The dark, underbelly of this is speaking exaggerations. Mercury hooking up with Saturn now (commitment, cement, structure) means that what we are saying (out loud and to ourselves) becomes our karmic contract/commitment.

We are literally breathing life into our reality through our words now. Choose carefully. Pretend there is a reporter following you around recording everything you say. No babbling. No gossip. No verbal nonsense. Use serious language and note I don't mean harsh language. Critical words can push things teetering on the edge right over the ledge here. Splat.

Now, there is a heaviness to this transit and for some a tendency toward negative/depressive thinking/language. If you find your thoughts headed in that direction say STOP. Yes, out loud. STOP. Positive thinking (this is all happening in optimistic Sagittarius for pete's sake) can make all the difference.

We could get news of an ending/resolution now or bring this type of news to other people.

Plans get finalized. Commitments and responsibilities firmed up. Signatures get put on dotted lines. Solid decisions are made. This is good energy for long term planning and serious conversations. Conservative ideas move slowly and steadily forward. This exam period will last until early December. Saturn doesn't require us to rush.

Now the fly in the ointment here, is that whatever this situation/story is for us - it could take a few weeks to totally unwind itself. Stuff can flip on us. Maybe we think we are getting an A and we come in with a C- or maybe a D turns into a B+.

Because Mercury is stationing retrograde on Sunday (December 3rd) at the same time as the Full Moon in Gemini (ruled by Mercury). There will be revisions, delays - you know the Mercury retrograde drill by now. With multi-everything Gemini there could be more options on the table. There could be more questions. Facts and information will need to be double triple-checked.

Mercury will conjunct Saturn again on December 6th, so we know this isn't over and it might not be until Mercury stations direct and Saturn is securely home in Capricorn at the end of December when the final, final results/grades are in.

Note the Moon is void until 11:30AM EST.

EXAMPLE FOR PISCES (Pisces Rising) - Mercury and Saturn are meeting in Sagittarius, your 10th house of career and public life. There could be important conversations (Mercury) with authority (Saturn) now. A formalized decision/responsibility/shift/ending is possible. But know that whatever happens may not be the final report card here. The Full Moon next weekend, coupled with Mercury's retrograde station and with the Moon squaring your ruling planet Neptune in YOUR sign, could bring changes and delays.

On WEDNESDAY, the Aries Moon offers us initiative and confidence. The Moon will square Pluto in the late afternoon bringing us focus and ambition - maybe a tendency toward jealousy or obsession. Our survival instincts will be sharp as a tack though.

On THURSDAY, the same Aries Moon is making some good aspects for business pursuits and then moves into Taurus (where the Moon is exalted) after lunch. Maybe get a massage, I think we are going to need to relax. Ha!

By late afternoon tomorrow's Mars/Uranus opposition could be making everyone testy and restless.

Note the Moon is void from 11:37AM to 3:38PM EST.

On FRIDAY, Venus moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius. Sagittarius Suns and Risings become more attractive - both able to attract what they want and easier on the eye. All our Sagittarius natal houses become more attractive, too. I will write a post.

On the same day Mars (in Libra) will oppose Uranus (in Aries). This is an abrupt change or some kind of big push forward into new territory. No one will want to be caged in. People will be impatient and confrontational. Something began at the end of March 2017 could reach a testing/tension point.

This kind of energy also brings the possibility of violence or an argument, so do your best to out-maneuver anything too wild and erratic. Take care with fire, electricity, power tools and driving. I will write a post.

EXAMPLE FOR VIRGO (Virgo rising) - Venus into Sagittarius makes your 4th house of home and family issues more attractive - this is good for a home business during the holiday season! The Mars/Uranus opposition involving your 2nd and 8th houses could push you toward something new/out-of-the-box regarding love, money, self-esteem, values and those of your partner. An unexpected expense, income change or bonus is also possible. If you feel pushed to respond too quickly/radically to whatever is thrown at you than is comfortable for you know that the energies support a step back and a deep breath.

On SATURDAY we have the first of three highly anticipated trines between Jupiter (in Scorpio) and Neptune (in Pisces). This is our dreams on steroids encouraging creativity, spirituality, compassion, romance. The fly in the ointment with this (you can always count on my Mercury in Capricorn to point out the flies!) is Sunday's confusing Full Moon in Gemini.

EXAMPLE FOR GEMINI (Gemini Rising)  - Jupiter in Scorpio trining Neptune in Pisces for you is 'brakes off' regarding your 6th house of day-to-day-routine/health and your 10th house of career and public life. Changes in your daily activities/health could lead you to a "dream job" or public recognition opportunity. Note, the next day's Gemini Full Moon coupled with Mercury's retrograde station and the Moon's square to Neptune could make things look bigger/better than they actually are. The good news if things go wonky - know this lucky aspect is going to repeat itself two more times next year (May and August 2018) and for you will again be about career/public life expansion. Make needed changes to your health routine and day-to-day activities NOW so preparation can meet opportunity THEN!

xo all


Helen said...

Hey Cat - can you tell me what the Jupiter/Neptune lucky thing is for Scorpio rising?


Helen said...

also the mars/uranus abrupt thing? if possible to tell!

lynn bowes said...

Oh my gosh, what a time to be preparing (read: shoveling out) a house to sell! What you say is spot on with the intense feelings, exaggerations, and being pushed. Not at all comfortable . . . if only I could see into the future and KNOW with certainty that this place will sell, right? Weirdly, it's Ed (Mr. Capricorn) who is more confident this time whereas last time I was the one propping him up. Patience and preparation meeting opportunity ought to win out in the end but that patience thing has me up against the wall.

Good grief - how did we accumulate so much stuff????