Uranus Transit of Taurus | 2018 thru 2026 - OPEN CALL for free chart analysis for blog readers - CLOSED

um, yes - that's a guinea pig ...
OPEN CALL IS NOW CLOSED - thank you to the 25 or so people who responded. We have a nice variety here to talk about. I will get this posted within the next week or so.


So, we haven't looked at individual charts here on the blog in a long time!

Let's do that.

Uranus - the planet of the new and unexpected - is gearing up to move from Aries, where he has been hanging his hat since March 11, 2008 (and if that date sounds familiar, we had the Fukushima nuclear disaster the day Uranus changed signs) into Taurus on May 15th, 2018.

So, the Aries ruled house of our natal chart is about to stabilize - as Uranus leaves - and our Taurus house (the house we naturally seek stability!) is set to rock and roll.

If you want a heads up about what Uranus through Taurus is offering you let me know - this is where Uranus will be when the world totally morphs over the next few years, so this space in your chart is going to be an important part of your transition/contribution and worth taking a look at.

If you are interested in having your Uranus transit analyzed - I just need your birth info (if I don't already have it on file) - date, place and time of birth. 

Send the info to Cat at cativins@gmail.com

The results will be posted on the blog, but your real name and info will not. This is totally private!

xo all

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