Venus into Scorpio | cravings, control issues, intimacy, passion, manipulations, hidden resources, new financial opportunities, looking under the bed with a flashlight

La passion by Marta Syrko
Venus dives into transformative Scorpio today. Venus themes - women, love, money, our values and self-esteem - become more intense.

I've written some about it in the weekly HERE - check Tuesday. 

Scorpio Suns and Ascendants (Scorpio on the cusp of the first house of your natal chart) become more attractive - making them both easier on the eye and it easier for them to attract what they want.

For all of us, our Scorpio houses get more attractive, too ... and more complicated. 

Although the theme of whatever house is ruled by Scorpio in our natal chart is naturally complicated!

Honesty is recommended for the next few weeks because we will all be feeling our way through everyone's bullshit.

While Venus is in Scorpio (through December 1st) we are charged with figuring out what we really want and why we want it. Much of this work will be done unconsciously. With Scorpio (modern ruler Pluto, ancient ruler Mars) this is alot about power and control.  

Does the other person/situation make us stronger or more vulnerable?

We could be merging our resources (ruled by Venus) with other people's resources (ruled by Scorpio/Pluto) - this could take the form of relationship commitments, sex, reproduction, mortgages, financing, cooperative ventures. Things along these lines that we might not normally consider we could be attracted to now.

These attractions could easily lapse into obsessions.

We could fill hours looking at expensive houses on the internet or other people on okcupid. If something begins to feel like, "we must get this NOW" we will know we have slipped over the edge. It will be time to ask ourselves what we are really looking for. With Venus (and let's not forget Jupiter) visiting our Scorpio house the answers will be available to us if we seek them ... and maybe even if we don't.

A few years back I had a long Pluto transit (conjunction) to my natal Venus. This is kind of like our annual Venus into Scorpio transit on MAJOR steroids.

It turned on like someone had flipped a switch in me as Pluto moved within orb and turned off just as quickly when he moved out. This process took years. You can only have one Pluto transit like this in your lifetime and many people never have one (Pluto moves very slowly and may not contact your natal Venus degree during your lifetime). My Venus being in a fire sign in my 2nd house certainly exacerbated the whole thing.

During that transit - I became obsessed with reading true crime books, sorting out the family finances and renovating my bathrooms. All quite Plutonian subjects.

I also became quite obsessed with my husband.

Strangely obsessed.

Even jealous to the point of concerning myself with what he was looking at (and believe me there wasn't anything of any concern here). This was something I had never even thought about before. We were at least 10 years into our marriage and our physical relationship got crazy intense.

Needless to say this made him a very happy man ... until it didn't. Being an Aquarian Sun with an Aries Moon he needs his space and I was, quite unconsciously and I wasn't studying the astrology then, always there.

When it was all over, and like I said this lasted to a greater or lesser degree for years and stopped on a dime, I had a very real understanding of a kind of passion that I (also being a detached Aquarius) would have never otherwise been able to experience. I understand totally why my soul chose this and am grateful, although at the time it was a kind of agony/ecstasy of vulnerability as I gave my power away.

I understand people's obsessions in a deeper, more personal, way now. Something that even my Scorpio rising with Neptune one degree from my ascendant didn't get (probably my square to Saturn/Sun preventing it from fully manifesting). Sorry for the astro-babble here.

In more recent years hubs has had a Pluto transit to his natal Venus. It just moved out of orb a couple months ago. He did not get obsessed with me - no lessons for either of us needed there I guess - DAMMIT.

But he did get obsessed with the idea of purchasing quite an expensive object. Two of them actually. First a boat purchased at auction (surreptitiously with joint finances, all very Plutonian) after Hurricane Sandy, which he proceeded to tirelessly rehab for a year. We had it in the water for one glorious summer and it has been parked/docked for the last two. He has a million excuses about why this is, but the truth is his longings and affections had moved on to object number two.

Which he proceeded to purchase, again secretly with joint finances, after spending hundreds of hours researching on the internet. This time his "longing/compulsion with having" ended almost instantly upon purchase because the transit ended that very week. We are still sorting it all out. The money, what all these back door deals mean about him/me/us, my feelings of being deceived - all very Venus/Pluto. I almost typed "sniffle" but it's a bit more than a sniffle at the moment.

Anyhoo, I write about these things briefly to give you some idea of the kind of things you could find yourself dealing with over the next month (and even the next year with Jupiter in here).

Venus in Scorpio could uncover some not-so-pretty truths. Things we might not want to see or know about. But like a car wreck on the side of a highway we won't be able to look away.  

We could be amazed by the depth of our feelings now. 

It's also a good time to uncover other types of hidden resources. I would say 'start digging' but with Jupiter in residence your shovel is probably already in the dirt.

xo all

(Venus will conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio on the 13th - keep an eye on that one)


DancingMooney said...

I had been wondering about you two and that boat this summer... I didn't realize that was 3 years ago, you finally got it out on the water! How time flies. Our boat hasn't been in the water since we've lived in Oregon, it's really sad.

I am going through a realization now, that my husband will probably never choose to eat as healthy as I would like... Just because it's something I want doesn't mean it's something he wants. He could help himself in so many ways, but he just enjoys... food. I do too, I mean, I get it... but.

Hubby will be 62 next year so we are weighing out all of our options now. He's going to keep working for now, but we like knowing we could make changes soon if we wanted. Still searching for that perfect place to live, dreaming of that perfect little 'in our price range - retire on a shoe string budget' house... Just how this house found us at the time we needed it, I know there will be another one out there when the time comes. And hopefully someplace near water so we can start really using the boat again.

Dreaming about bigger possibilities with FBA but also intimidated by it all too.

Mom's boyfriend is doing really well. He had amputation surgery about two weeks ago, and is going home today actually... so far so good.

So far the fruit diet seems to be healing my skin, I am surprised and hopeful. I don't feel like I can see it yet, but I feel like I've lost a few pounds. I found a food calculator app for my phone and have it set to 60/20/20 - trying to stay under 1500 calories per day.

Hope hubby's second big purchase is something you can turn into something else maybe...

Thanks always for your posts Cat. :)


Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Janell- I couldn't believe it was 3 years ago either. I know you must miss yours, too!

There will definitely be another house out there for you two when the timing is right. Exciting to have some new options for you guys - big changes ahead! So many people are headed toward new lives now. Are you doing the FBA with your handmade items or looking for items to sell?

Probably all you can do with the food is set an example like you are doing - maybe if he sees you feeling so much better and having more energy he will be inspired to do what you are doing. Sooner or later ...

Glad your mom's boyfriend is doing better and finally getting home.

I don't think I can turn this one into something else. I wish I could - ha! That reminds me of when my daughter was little and we had an old car in the garage and I finally junked it or donated it or something I don't remember but when she came home from school and it was gone she was so mad because she wanted to "do something with it". She was thinking something like a spaceship at the time. She was mad for days.

xo - going to look for the food calc app

DancingMooney said...

Yay! My comment is here! :D

With FBA I started with post earrings because it was an easy way to learn, but I am going to let many of those items sell out over the holidays and work into sterling silver, and higher price points. I do intend at some point to buy wholesale and add things to 'the other side' as well, but that will be down the road. I am focused on working smarter not harder. :) I'm sure it will take a while to really come together but I'm hoping the timing of it all will work out well for our lives in general...

Eeek, that's a big deal, your hubby going behind your back on a big purchase... hope you can work it out. eeek!

The app I'm using is called - Calorie, Carb & Fat Counter - by Virtuagym

It comes with other apps you can hook into like fitness and such, but I'm not using any of that... just plugging in what I eat each day and counting that. When you first install it, it will ask your height/weight/goal weight/etc... then you can choose from different ratios for the counter, some are high carb some are not, but I went with the Cardio setting - I think that's how I got the 60/20/20 to set. Also it only allowed me 1000 calories per day or some such, but I don't really want to starve myself, and loosing weight wasn't the primary goal (it will just be a nice side effect) so I try to stay under 1500 and just keep an eye on my fats.

Let me know if you try the fruit thing, I would love to know how it works for you.


Catherine Ivins said...

That sounds like a smart plan with FBA Janell. My brother was looking at it and watching tons of tutorials but I am not sure how far he has gone. He is an artist, too, but wants to buy wholesale and sell in this case - work smarter not harder yes. I think your timing is perfect. Getting something set up this year to really focus on it (in a smarter way of course!) next year is spot on.

Somedays I am thinking (re hubs action here) this is a very big deal. He bought this thing at an auction so it was a process - lots of lies, taking something we privately share - not unlike an affair, right? Or am I crazy? Should I be able to just say no to a purchase and no is no? Is my no, which is more logical to me, more important then his yes, which was more logical to him. It has been like walking a tightrope to even deal with him about it because he just gets more wedded to his ideas. If I say 'sell it'. He will be more stubborn about holding onto it. So I am letting him come to this conclusion - the insurance is 3 times what he had estimated. And he has zero time to make any money with a tow truck. But the pit in my stomach that we are leading separate lives is growing stonier .... When I tell women about this, and I haven't told many, they say of course it's a betrayal. He is not allowed to do this. Men (the two I've spoken with) say, well, maybe he can make it work ... he's not stupid. But selfish. Sometimes. And I can see in myself that fear of there not being enough. That I need a little stockpile to feel safe. Ugh - anyhoo, life is moving on here. That August eclipse did a number on us.

I am going to check into that app. I think a structured plan is what I need because truly I have mostly never thought about what I eat. I was lucky for a long time I guess. And now I need to. I have been adding more fruit. And I always eat alot of veggies. Just too many breads and cookies and things catching up with me. I will let you know how it goes.