Sun Trine Neptune, Venus Sextile Saturn, Inconjunct Chiron and Opposite Uranus | issues of stability, seeing the bigger picture, vision-boarding, compassion, feelings of not enough, avoiding manipulation, trust

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Today, we have the Sun (in Scorpio) trine Neptune (in Pisces) at 17 degrees. Venus (in Libra) sextile Saturn (in Sagittarius) and inconjunct Chiron (in Pisces) at 24 degrees. These are some of the energies that will carry us toward tomorrow's Full Moon in Taurus.

Let's look at today's three aspects.

There are opportunities now (Venus sextile Saturn) to stabilize a financial situation. Think quality over quantity. Long term investing is favored. Disciplined spending and savings pays off. This is good energy to pay down/off debt or to start a savings plan. Relationships launched now could be long-lasting, security-focused or between a younger/older person. Think mentor. People will be looking for a commitment.

We show love through taking care of our responsibilities and honoring our obligations. Excellent energy for business dealings. Excellent energy for women to work with and step into authority now.

Today's inconjunct to Chiron will point out something we "just have to live with" about our Venus situation. Maybe we don't have that committed relationship we want or the funds to do the thing we want to do. We could be feeling the ways we are not good enough, not liked enough or not attractive enough (maybe physically or maybe able to get what we want).

Remember Venus rules love, money, our values, women and our self-esteem.

Something hurts, but that sextile to Saturn tells us the opportunities come through time and wisdom and doing the responsible thing with our resources. There is a bigger picture we can be 'efforting' toward instead of bemoaning what we don't have (and I am not making light of what we don't have because the lack is real).

There is also an opposition between Venus and Uranus reaching perfection tomorrow signaling an unexpected event or need for change. Let's be gentle with each other.

We will talk about this more with the Full Moon post. 

Which brings us to today's third aspect the Sun trining Neptune encouraging dreams, mergers, imagination, trusting our intuition, compassion and creativity.

This is excellent vision-boarding energy.

This aspect allows us to drift back from whatever situation we are dealing with (the Venus issue!).

It won't add clarity. Neptune doesn't clarify. But it can help us merge with the energies in a new way. To feel our way through.

Prayer works. Meditation works. The situation will turn out much better without our manipulations. Trust this.

xo all - back with the Full Moon post!

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