Mercury Trine Uranus | unexpected news, new ideas, out-of-the-box converations, unusual answers, freedom of expression

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Today we have busy, communicative Mercury (in Sagittarius) trining (brakes off) revolutionary Uranus (in Aries) at 24 degrees.  

We can expect the unexpected now - news, ideas, ways of thinking. Breakthroughs are possible. With Mercury still squaring Chiron some breakthroughs may involve breakdowns.

This might tie in with yesterday's potentially painful conversation/words (and this didn't have to happen yesterday - I just list transits when they are exact - this is still in play now) - maybe an aha(!) moment is created from a painful situation that focuses us toward a new idea or unexpected solution/problem.

The message delivered could be shocking.

It might be painful or trigger an old injury AND it could also be enlightening and move our thinking/the conversation in a new direction. Stay open to your muses - the energies are ripe for NEW IDEAS to be picked like apples.

Now because Mercury is preparing for his upcoming retrograde and walking degrees he will walk again - we have a repeat of this Mercury square Chiron (painful words) and Mercury trine Uranus (breakthrough, unexpected, forward-leaning words) two more times after today - December 10, 2017 and January 6, 2018.

So something isn't over here.

Our words (and the words of other people) can be erratic, unexpected and spontaneous.

The Moon in Aquarius is amplifying the effects now, especially within groups. We will be better able to grasp new or abstract concepts. This is good energy for sharing ideas (don't be too preachy).

Our brains and tongues will be restless. Visit a bookshop - the information you need could literally drop right into your lap.

We will talk more about Mercury's upcoming retrograde in later posts. I wrote some about it HERE. Mercury is approaching Saturn and the two will travel together for many days. Our words will be serious and serious matters will be on the table. Saturn will slow Mercury down. Our thoughts (Mercury) will become solid things (Saturn) more effectively in the coming weeks. What are you thinking about, talking about, reading, learning, teaching? What do you believe, believe is real, believe is possible?

Enjoy your Saturday - this is a good day for news, communications, sales, writing, interviews, local travel, siblings, neighborhood matters. Good energy to upgrade (Uranus) a wonky/nonworking/out-of-date computer, telephone, car (Mercury). Venus is a bit wonky mid-day so there could be a bit of a tussle/headache around money, love, with a woman, beauty or a self-esteem/values issue.

xo all

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