Venus Sextile the North Node, Samhain| happy celtic new year, HAPPY HALLOWEEN, ancestral assistance, relationship from the past resurfaces, opportunities with women, cooperative efforts move us forward, agreements are reached

Sully, the mad scientist, at Saturday's Halloween party - not the photobooth camper -  this one might become a book mobile though!

Today is actually the first day of the Celtic New Year/first day of winter and was presided over by the Goddess Samhain. The ancients believed the veil between the worlds was thinnest now and certainly today's Moon in unbounded Pisces helps that along.

This is a good time to say a prayer for our ancestors well-being and also to ask them for their help. Our relationship with them works both ways. There was a scene in the Spielberg movie 'Amistad' where the brave Mende tribesman Sengbe Pieh stood in the crowded bowels of the slave ship and appealed to his ancestors for assistance, "I am the only reason you were ever born", he cried out. There is some truth to this. Not only in a physical sense of carrying a bloodline, but more importantly in the spiritual sense of "continuing their story".

The birth of my nephew, whose birth chart (natal chart from the moment he drew his first breath - in his case calculated by my brother down to the millisecond so he could give me the correct time) is such an exact representation of his parents' story at the time of his birth has convinced me our chart is not only a road-map for our personal journey (our spiritual contract) and a complete embodiment of that actual moment in time for us to carry for the collective, but also a perfect accounting of our parents' story through that moment the baton is passed and we pick up whatever bits and pieces we have agreed to work with. Of course, the same happened at their birth and their parents' birth and so on and so on back through time.

So complicated as to be unbelievable that all these pieces could fit so nicely together ... and yet they do.

The Pisces Moon encourages creative work and connecting with other people until the Moon goes void at 5:08PM EDT. It moves into Aries at 11:43PM EDT. A Void Moon during the trick or treating hours makes me think of people wandering around lost in the dark, so keep your children close. The Moon's last aspect before the void is a square to Saturn creating inflexibility and a need to follow the rules. This is NOT a good time to use drugs or overindulge in anything. Stay grounded. Keep your wits about you.

Today we also have Venus (strong in her home sign of Libra) sextiling the North Node (in Leo) at 21 degrees. Sextiles represent opportunities and Venus rules love, money, women, our values and self-esteem. At the same time she is, of course, trining (brakes off) the South Node (in Aquarius).

Whatever/whoever (a romance, woman, friendship, group, ideal) leaves now is meant to go. It should go smoothly. With Venus it could be a value or something we believe about ourselves/our situation that has outlived its usefulness.

Stay open to the opportunities that come up.

Maybe something or someone from the past resurfaces now. Maybe this is about carrying something we used to love with us as we journey forward - we are reminded somehow of what we need to keep. 

There could be opportunities through women or through working with Venusian themes. 

Cooperative efforts within relationships - both personal and business - create future opportunities. Agreements are reached. Relationships started now have a feeling of being fated.

Whatever this is for us, the energy is smooth and pleasant.

Enjoy the day. xo all


DancingMooney said...

Enjoy the day to you too, Cat! Love Sully the Mad Scientist! :)


Catherine Ivins said...

You, too Janell! xo watched your youtubes last night - thanks again.