Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of October 30th - rules, regulations, pressure, deadlines, asking for help, remaining open and vulnerable, honesty, letting go, conclusions, the real value of what we are left holding, truth

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I am a little under the weather today with two store orders to get out on Monday, so will jump right to the big stuff and do the usual dailies during the week!

The larger celestial happenings start on THURSDAY when Saturn (in Sagittarius) squares Chiron (in Pisces) at 24 degrees.

The Saturn/Chiron square has been one of 2017's biggest aspects and this is our third go-round. We also had this square on December 28, 2016 (21 degrees) and April 30, 2017 (27 degrees). And Saturn and Chiron will square each other again in 2018, but by that time Saturn will be in Capricorn and Chiron will be in Aries - so the story will have shifted.

Squares are tension and change our trajectory. This one could hurt. Maybe we get a 'no' from an authority figure. Or maybe we are required to step into our own authority and say no. It's a good time to remember we learn from experience not from success or failure.

The results of our actions are sometimes out of our hands.

Maybe some obligation or responsibility or debt needs to be lived up to. Maybe some rule is rubbing us the wrong way or limiting us.

Maybe something about whatever hurts here feels familiar. How are our beliefs impacting this situation? What is really true here? When I see Saturn (time) and Chiron (wound) together I think of the old adage "time heals all wounds". Maybe this applies. Or maybe this will apply later.

The good news - and this will sound familiar from last week when Mercury sextiled Pluto! - is that Mercury is trining (brakes off) Chiron at the same time Chiron is squaring Saturn.

Mercury (in Scorpio) is our way through this tangle.

Honest and open dialogue. Thorough research. Deep communication. Conversations about the very stuff we don't want to talk about. The hurt could be something humbling here.

This is the most direct route to the assistance/guidance we need. This is where the buried treasure lies. There could be alternatives, resources and possibilities we hadn't thought about. At the very least there is room for understanding if we allow ourselves to be exposed and vulnerable - and yes, I realize the nights are getting chilly and this is the last thing we might want to be!

The Moon will go void at 12:03PM EDT until midnight. Not a good time for launching anything new or sending anything out you need something to "come of". 

Late FRIDAY/early SATURDAY we have the Full Moon in Taurus (Sun in Scorpio).

The Sun and Moon are squaring Ceres (in Leo). The Moon will be sextiling (opportunity) Neptune (retrograde in Pisces). The Sun will be trining (brakes off) Neptune. At the same time Venus (in Libra and the ruler of Taurus and this Full Moon) will be opposing Uranus (in Aries). And Uranus will be trining (brakes off) Saturn. We'll discuss it more thoroughly later in the week - this could all be about one thing for us or play out in multiple situations.

Full Moons are culmination points. They bring things to light. They brings things to a conclusion. They send us howling into the night.

The positive aspects with watery Neptune tells us that anything running through our hands now (dissolving) is meant to go. Its release will free up our hands for more solid holdings. 

With Uranus (the unexpected) opposing the Moon's ruler Venus whatever is coming to light or concluding now could be surprising or pull us off into an entirely new direction.

Some people will get lucky. Something could reach its maximum value now.

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and I am going to stop writing we are moving into the Age of Aquarius and just say we are in it! I think we can all feel this. There is no "normal" anymore. There is only change and resistance to change.

That square with nurturing Ceres tips us off to potential tension regarding motherhood or growth or security issues.

Again the Taurus/Scorpio contrast between what we have and what we want/need/don't have. We will talk about this later in the week.

Will be back with the dailies.

BIG xo all

Note - Pisces Moons on Monday (beginning mid-morning) and Tuesday are excellent energy for dreaming, creative work, connecting with people on a deeper level - also to drift off-course. Keep this in mind. 


stregata said...

Thank you for checking my sister's chart again, Cat. So appreciated!
You are a wonderful, warm, giving spirit and I request the universe to shower good things on you in many ways.

Catherine Ivins said...

You are so welcome Renate - I hope you are both doing well! xo