Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of October 2nd - what we want meets what we have to do to get it, facing the music, truths and illusions, relationships, us vs us plus them, avoiding dark alleys and men with excessive pocket lint

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Here we go! This is going to a big week and a BIG month.

On MONDAY, the Moon is void until 10:26AM EDT when it moves into dreamy Pisces for the next couple days. Pisces Moons are great creative energy, great for meditation and prayer and encourage compassion, but could also make us a bit too sensitive, vulnerable, more likely to pick up other people's burdens as our own (boundaries are thinner) and likely to drift off course. 

Keep this in mind because Mars and Pluto are close enough to yesterday's exact trine to create payoffs for working hard and following through on our goals now. 

Staying active is the best way to resolve/release old emotional patterns with this planetary lineup!  

On TUESDAY, it is Venus's turn to trine Pluto. The energy of "I want this" (Venus) combined with "and this is what I have to do to get it" (Mars) is in a smooth conversation (trine) with powerful Pluto!

This is earthy energy, so working with what is happening now in a grounded, practical way (Virgo) and taking action (Mars) toward what we want (Venus) can evolve (Pluto) a situation to a new level. This will likely focus on Venus and Capricorn themes - women, love, money, beauty, self-esteem, values, work, career, authority, responsibility and progress in a Virgo manner - one step in front of the other, organized, practical, healthy (you know the drill!).

Any obsessive tendencies or self-esteem issues with work (Capricorn) or power (Pluto) could come up so we can see what is happening and re-align our actions/feelings with what we truly care about. The ways we are not valuing ourselves or not giving ourselves permission to change and thrive could be reflected in what is happening. This would be an excellent time to start couple's counseling if we are stuck to our knees in the muck with another person. Life on planet Earth is not always easy. 

At night the Moon will oppose Mars making everyone testy or antsy. Digestion could be tricky. Eat light.

On WEDNESDAY, the Moon is void most of the day. This is not a good day to start something you would like 'something to come of'. The Moon goes void with a square to Saturn - this is a restriction, maybe a feeling of "less than", some kind of emotional coldness - definitely don't launch anything into the world until after the Moon gets into "me, me, me - have I said it's all about me" Aries at 4:40PM EDT. Problems that crop up before this time will be much ado about nothing. This would be a good day for visualization, creativity and inner work with the Neptune/Jupiter/Sun mash-up, but save the action for late in the day.

THURSDAY is a big day. I will write a post! We have Mars and Venus finally meeting up on the same day as the Full Moon in Aries. And we have the Libra Sun conjunct Mercury at the same time (which means the Moon is opposite Mercury so our head and gut instincts opposed). And it makes a t-square to Pluto. Full Moons bring culminations, endings, things to light, the luna-tic out in all of us. There are also confusing inconjuncts to Neptune so it will be hard to know what is real and what is illusion here. With Pluto and Mars (Aries ruler) it could be explosive or violent - this is in play since Sunday's trine and all week actually. This is alot about the masculine/feminine and our self/relationship polarities. We will pick our way through this in another post. People could be impulsive. Please don't venture into any dark alleys with a flashlight looking for your lost cat. The cat will be OK, but I can't be sure about you.

As we consciously work with Mars (action, initiative, anger, masculine, how we get what we want) and Venus (receptivity. attraction, diplomacy, feminine, how we attract what we want) this week the energy of the Full Moon will increase our potential. The results this Full Moon brings will almost certainly culminate or "bring to light" accurate/precise (Virgo) actions (Mars) focused on mending or adjusting whatever it is we want/need (Venus). That sounds a bit word-salady, but we'll flesh that out in the dailies. Results could be directly proportional to the amount of work we have put in so far. Yes, I know, that scares me, too.

I am out of time tonight.

Heads up - next Sunday we have Venus squaring Saturn - so that looks like a potential roadblock with whatever we are conjuring up this week. And Mars will square Saturn three days later. So, Saturn will definitely slow down our progress and/or demand we step up to the plate in a bigger way and/or shine a light on what is wrong or missing and/or deliver us some unavoidable consequences  - we'll just have to deal with what comes. We'll use the astrology to be more prepared, but not let it stop our action NOW. What we do NOW changes what lies ahead of us.

Mercury and the Sun meet up in Libra on Sunday, too, kicking off a new Mercury cycle. We will talk about this later.

For the early part of the week just get moving on what you want - focus on what is most important. Don't start anything or do anything important during the voids and we'll get clearer on that Full Moon as we get closer!

And we'll take a step back and look at the big picture. Jupiter will be in Scorpio in just a few days and we are all going to have to go a little lot deeper ...

xo all

The second day of my garage sale was a bit of a bust. My first two customers were both men in suits (maybe coming from Church but strangely alone, kind of spooky actually) - the first one walked over to a baby pack and play marked FREE. He picked up the new mattress pad inside and walked away - without the pack and play, just took the mattress pad rendering the pack and play kind of useless. I didn't think to yell after him in time because I was distracted by the second man who picked up a $.50 toy and proceeded to empty his pocket, yes, lint and all, into my outstretched hand for a grand total of $.42 which, of course, obligated me to say, "close enough" as he walked away without thanking me.

The day pretty much proceeded from there.

I did meet another new neighbor though - I never even noticed the old ones disappearing - I am left wondering who they were and where did they all go? The other good news - no ice packs or fresh insect bites mostly thanks to hubs' quick thinking when we found the yellow jacket nest - I will post a picture in the morning light. Such a clever fellow.

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