Mercury Square the North and South Nodes | mentally stuck, between the past and the future, finding the right words, opening our mind, sibling rivalry, as Jack would say, "you can't handle the truth!"

ncnb by StarofDavid
Today we have Mercury at 21 degrees (in Scorpio) squaring the North Node (in Leo) and the South Node (in Aquarius). The North Node is our collective way forward. The South Node is our collective past. Mercury is our mental abilities, communications and ideas.

As we mentally shift from the old into the new maybe something (a worn out belief about ourselves and the world we don't need to carry anymore) has us stuck. So we are given the gift of this square to bring things to a tension/crisis point and help shift our trajectory.

There is some information/conversation we need to work through or get past now. With Scorpio, it is probably something intimate and uncomfortable.

There is a choice here. We can retreat back into the detachment of that Aquarian South Node - maybe into the safety of being anonymous, of being the audience.

Or we can bravely (Leo) step into whatever this is for us and bring it out into the light and onto center stage.

There could be a fear of speaking out or standing up and apart from the group. 

Maybe a new idea has taken root, but it requires us to do something new and unusual. 

Maybe there is a truth we are afraid to hear (or speak) because then we will have to deal with it. 

And yes, there could be challenges here - this is a square after all. 

Remember our North Node is ALWAYS the path forward. So it is through Leo - following our heart, courage, confidence, generosity, showmanship - we move forward now.

That uncomfortably intimate conversation/idea may not be easy to work with. But we aren't getting out of this space - stuck between the future and the past - until we do. Trust yourself.

xo all

Note: since Mercury also rules siblings, our local environment and transportation - there could also be an issue within these themes, or the theme of our natal Scorpio house, that we need to 'get past'. This square is exact today but has been in play for a couple days and will be in play for a couple more.


lynn bowes said...

You're killing me here. We ARE stuck between the past the the future - and you know I'm a person who wants to see around corners and know what's out there before I let go completely of what's known and comfortable. For over a year now we've known it's time to leave the farmette and find easier-to-live-in digs. I HATE that part. The getting old enough part where you need to change perspective to smaller and compact. But here it is. We found a town home over the weekend and today we talk to our friendly local banker.

For me, the hardest part has been recognizing that we can't age and maintain the lifestyle of abundance and realizing that abundance has a deeper meaning than 'more'. More has become too much and the new more is less. Less is more . . . or is that Les S. More? Hmmmmmm. The 'moreness' has been a heavy load to carry and now both of us are anxious to change our Home 20.

The mental shift is hard and don't let anyone tell you it isn't. We happened upon a TV sermon this weekend, a local church and preacher we really connect with, and he said something that hit us both hard. That change is loss and there can't be change without recognizing that loss. I guess I knew that but never gave it a name. So we are trying to experience and honor the loss through the coming changes and not let it make us fearful. This is going to be a wonderful thing to be able to manage everything easier and not have so much STUFF to deal with. Seriously, come get some stuff. We have lots. Please.

Other issues coming to a head in the next month that deal with the 'stuckness' between the past and the future. This is a good post to memorize.


Helen said...

Cat - I don't know if you remember but last spring you said things would lighten up for me at work over the summer and I would be back in the soup in the fall. Well, yes, and now I am back in the soup. Am hoping this Full Moon will help me?

Catherine Ivins said...

Hey Lynn - "the moreness has become a heavy load" I hear you. I feel like this, too and I saw so many people at my recent yard sale walk around with stuff and then end up putting it back down. I know they were thinking the same thing. I am a person who wants to see around corners, too - do the right thing, the safe thing, the thing that is going to work out. I think it's why I got back into astrology, to know what is going to happen but it has just brought me more questions than answers. The change is loss thing. So true. Love that you are taking the time to honor it - maybe that has been a big part of what this delay has been about. Being really ready for this new chapter. Honoring what is leaving. No regrets. Uranus has been in your 2nd house for a while now shaking up your values - divinely timed! xo

Helen - the Full Moon is your 3rd house/6th house so it could be an answer, final decision or announcement stirs up insecurities around work (or health). Maybe something about your approach to work/routines may be challenged? The Venus/Uranus opposition adds in unexpected developments with other people's resources - debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances or intimacy issues - the stuff you share with other people and how you share it. Yes, something could rattle your security we had talked about that I think BUT positive aspects to Neptune in your own sign Pisces says you could transcend these events, maybe that big ending was not such a big deal, after all. What seemed vitally important may be anti-climactic, or less serious than you thought it would be. Tomorrow's Chiron/Saturn square is probably a heavy burden of responsibilities there for many Pisces - this has been clobbering you this year because your Pisces planets are right in the middle of this BUT it is almost over!! This is the final pass and then it starts to lessen. It will be in play for awhile but you will be on the other side of that mountain! There could be a breakthrough the day after the Moon. A Full Moon response to the Saturn/Chiron square. Wait for it.