Mercury Sextile Saturn Trine the South Node | a conversation from the past, old ideas gain traction, grown-up conversations, write it down, putting some sibling rivalry to bed, chatting up the neighbors

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Coming off yesterday's square with Mars (still in play), today's Saturn sextiles (opportunity) communicative Mercury while Mercury is trining (brakes off) the South Node in Aquarius.

This is good energy for advancing old ideas/information/conversations.

Maybe something said in the past can be said/shared in another way now - a solid, practical, cooperative way - and bring new energy to the table. Maybe an old grievance can be released. Maybe it allows us to release our detachment or distance from someone or from a situation we need to move closer to.

Information that comes in now that connects to the past in some way will be what to follow up on. This is good for business communications that require give-and-take and CLOSING THE DEAL. Mercury is in Libra and wants everyone to just "get along" and act fairly. Kindness matters and works, too. Conversations with authority figures can go well.

If you need to make a decision now rely on your past experiences and think long-term.

This is great energy for writing projects. 

The Moon is in sensitive Cancer and at its last quarter - if we can avoid taking serious information too personally and think before we speak - our words can make real headway. This is also a good day for communicating calmly with siblings or local neighborhood (Mercury) situations (especially older situations that are keeping us detached from other people) and making real progress.

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