Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of October 23rd - do you feel lucky?, hidden resources coming to light, pulling back the curtain, taboos, obsessing about what we don't have or can't control

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I didn't get the chance to write a post for SUNDAY but we have a couple energetic shifts today!

Late tonight the Sun moves into deep, dark Scorpio kicking off Scorpio season (although you might have been feeling this since Jupiter got here last week) and earlier today Mars moved into diplomatic Libra.

Mars isn't such a happy camper in Libra. Libra is the sign opposite the sign Mars rules (Aries) and Mars is considered in his detriment in Libra. Libra is all about balance and cooperation and fairness and Mars doesn't care about any of these things. He wants what he wants and goes about getting it in the most expedient fashion ... except now he can't. Because he is answering to Libra's ruler, Venus and she does care about those things.

The good news with this transit is we will be quick to confront imbalances and injustice. We can be very persuasive. The fly in the ointment with this is we could be too intent on having other people live by our rules. Mars in Libra can be domineering and dysfunctional and on the flipside we don't want to lose our identity (Mars) to someone else (Libra). We, particularly Martian ruled Aries and Scorpios, could be a bit less assertive and less energetic over the next few weeks. Give yourself a break.

In Libra, Mars expresses himself (anger, initiative, passion, action) through other people. Our actions create reactions. And other people's actions create a reaction in us. The reactions will be how we all move forward. It's all a bit passive aggressive. The grenades we throw will be immediately tossed back at us. Ball's in our court ... again. Duck and cover.

It will be easy to get mad at the wrong person now. Or people could be mad at us when they are really angry about something/someone else.

Keep this in mind. Mars will be in Libra until December 9th.

On MONDAY, the Moon will be in optimistic Sagittarius. We could be focused on Sagittarius themes - higher education, travel, foreign issues, legal issues, politics, media, publishing, our beliefs, religion or weddings. The Moon connects with both Venus (women, love, money, self-esteem, values) and Neptune (imagination, dreams, escape, things/people put away, addiction, spirituality, compassion) making this a good day for meditation, philanthropic and creative work.

On TUESDAY, Mercury (in Scorpio) trines (brakes off) Neptune (in Pisces). This is our mental processes and our imagination working together. If we can dream it we can begin it - remember the Moon is waxing - that's energy to get things started (just not during today's Void Moon!). This is some of the energy at play when Donald Trump announced his run for the Presidency. What can we do with it? This would be a good time to announce (Mercury) our dream (Neptune). State it out loud. Write it down. We could have a good idea today or a terribly impractical one, but it is good energy for idea making either way.

Conversations could have a mystical or other-worldly energy to them as we can connect more easily with other people. Taboo subjects and the stuff behind the curtain will be talked about. The Moon goes Void from 12:46PM EDT to 8:13PM EDT, so a BIG chunk of the workday  - don't start anything new during this time or put anything out there that you want 'something to come of'. At dinnertime the Moon moves into Capricorn. Maybe take the afternoon off and get to work after the kids go to bed.

On WEDNESDAY, the Capricorn Moon has us focused and ready to get to work. We are structured today and able to plan ahead and use our time wisely. People will be very goal-oriented. This is a good time for dealing with authority figures and for stepping into our own authority. The Moon will sextile (opportunity) both dreamy Neptune and communicative Mercury today, so the opportunities come through talking and connecting with people now.

On THURSDAY, we have what some astrologers call THE LUCKIEST DAY OF THE YEAR as the Sun meets up with Jupiter. Happening in Scorpio this year, and since Jupiter in Scorpio focused us on a Hollywood sex scandal, there will probably be more stories like this coming to light now.

Whatever came to light/started/changed in our personal lives around October 18th when Mercury met up with Jupiter will gain momentum now, too. 

Jupiter rules the truth and the truth will not be contained - even as it becomes more and more obviously subjective. We won't be contained either. We will want wide open spaces today. The places where we are penned in could feel particularly tight as we outgrow existing boundaries. People will be feeling loud and proud. Be optimistic. We attract what we put out. This is a good day for business - reach out for opportunities. We will all be feeling expansive - so will the people we are reaching toward. Hidden resources could come to light now. Don't overspend because Jupiter can get carried away, but buy a lottery ticket (one!). Make the call. Send the email. Take a chance.

What the hell. Are you feelin' lucky?

On FRIDAY, Venus (in Libra) squares Pluto (in Capricorn). Squares are about crisis - this will be about power, control, obsession, money, women, love, our values or self-esteem. Pluto will make sure we are feeling/obsessing over/trying to control the situation. The answer to the crisis can be found within Pluto's sextile (opportunity) with Mercury (in Scorpio). Take a closer look at the facts. And then look again. Get out the magnifiers - yes, the 2.5 pair you only wear when no one is looking. With Scorpio we have to look beneath the surface to what is really happening, even toward what isn't happening or isn't being said. Clear your head. Talk it through. It could be that life or death situation isn't nearly as dire as we thought it was and that thing we think we can't live without is actually not all that after all. Just sayin'.

xo all - back with the dailies!!

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