Venus Trine Pluto | looking for love or money in all the wrong places, how much do we really value ourselves, relationship issues, compassion, feeling vulnerable, our rough edges rubbing against other people's rough edges

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Venus (love, money, values, self-esteem, women) in Virgo trines (brakes off) Pluto in Capricorn.

This follows Mars trine to Pluto on Sunday, which was about clearing the way for self-empowerment, but we can see from the news when the God of War (violence, guns) cooperates with the God of the Underworld (death, destruction) the potential for the wrong people with the wrong ideas to become empowered greatly increases, too. There are no words for this madness. The Moon is in Pisces so the energy of compassion, tears (water), feeling our vulnerabilities, sadness, losing our boundaries and coming together, once again, through tragedy continues .... as long as we continue to allow the corporations to set our agenda via the blood money they pay our Congress people they will continue to politicize issues such as guns and the environment to divide us and benefit themselves. With the Pisces Moon opposing both Mars and Venus our emotions (and anger) will be harder to work with.

Today, it is Venus's turn to dance with the Underworld energy. Love (Venus) has the power to destroy, but also the power to create. We could have some deep insights now into what we really value, what is really pushing us to do (or avoid) the things we do. It will be important to value ourselves and maintain high standards with our heart, body and money now. This intense energy can make some things hard to resist. Diving deep into the whys is the way to the treasure here.

Why do we want what we want?

The Venus/Mars dance of October could play out something like this - events early in the month conspire to get us clear on what we really want and then Saturn shows up to throw some roadblocks and cold water on our plans and then at the end of the month tensions and issues arise that force us to take action/move forward. Then we are off to the races. Sort of. 

We could be looking for love (and money) in all the wrong places. It is very easy to slip into unconscious patterns, but also easier to see them now. A sense that there is a certain destiny (Pluto) with our actions/needs/the people we meet continues this week.

If money (Venus) is stretched thin, it is good energy to eliminate unnecessary expenses (Pluto) rather than seeking to increase income. The more we value ourselves, the more money we will attract. If expenses have already been pared down just give something of value to someone else - Venus is still in Virgo, so small steps can create big energetic shifts.

Know that once you put money into a bank (have more than you personally need in astrology speak) it moves from your 2nd to 8th house - from Venus territory to Pluto's. It becomes "other people's money". And the way it grows and the way you hang onto it changes. Both these spaces - our resources (2nd house) and other people's (8th house) can work together now. It is good to remember they are two different things though - your resources/self-worth and your bank balance! An investment in your 2nd house - your skills/what you love and value can pay off later by providing you with "more than enough".

Venus rules relationships and today we also have Black Moon Lilith (out-of-bounds woman) squaring Chiron (wound) AND Mercury squaring Juno (still in sober Capricorn). It won't be easy to cross the line and do something taboo/un-tame without triggering something painful. But Lilith can't be controlled and in Sagittarius the sky really is the limit for her. Relationship agreements (Juno), both spoken and unspoken, could run into tension and stress. What are we really committed to? Communication (Mercury) is key, honest - even if uncomfortable - words are needed. Whatever is going on, our equal relationships still answer to Venus and she is in Virgo - so practical action and dealing with what is right in front of us - our current situation in a grounded, common-sense way is still the way through the sticker bushes.

Remember we have the North Node in Leo - following our heart is the way forward - and the South Node in Aquarius - detachment, looking too far ahead, over-thinking is what we need to leave behind.

xo all

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