Mars Trine Pluto | empowering action

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Welcome to October!

We kick off this action packed month with today's trine (brakes off) between active and energetic Mars (Virgo 16 degrees) and transformative and karmic Pluto (Capricorn 16 degrees).

This is about action (Mars) collaborating (trine) with transformation (Pluto).

Mars in Virgo says let's clean up this mess (I am on the 2nd day of my yard sale - the "just get this crap outta here day"), let's fix this thing, let's do it right this time, let's not put off until tomorrow what we can do today.

We only get a Mars/Pluto trine once a year and the energy will only be around for a couple days - make something happen here

(in my case a cleaned out storage space - yes, I finally got the last one emptied, of course it looks like my house threw up all over my front porch right now - ugh!).

The moon is in Aquarius - good for connecting with groups, humanitarian activities (the FREE PROJECT signs are going on all my leftovers today!) and unique, creative work. An Aquarius Moon is also a good time to release the Aquarius shadows - so bye-bye distractions (boxes of junk), bye-bye detachment (I spoke with more neighbors yesterday in one day of 'yard-saling' than I have in 6 months), bye-bye Aquarius stubbornness (everything I priced yesterday with the thought of "well, I can't just GIVE it away", today I am giving away).

I am going to talk about this in tonight's weekly because we will have Venus meeting up with Pluto by Wednesday - and then a BIG Full Moon in Aries at the same time that Venus finally catches up with Mars - another HUGE WEEK. This will be about what we want (Venus) and what we are willing to do (Mars) to get it. Saturn will be active and provide some obstacles.

For today, think about how you can move past whatever is distracting/distancing you and onto your own path of power/transformation! And yes, it might just be the crap cluttering up our closets or inboxes. At least it's a place to start.

xo all

During the last week I have pulled a muscle or bruised a rib - since I am, of course, self-diagnosing I am not totally sure - on my right side. Had muscle spasms in my left back that scared me so much - the last time I had back spasms I ended up immobile for a day or so - I took 8 year old muscle relaxers, which worked BTW although I don't recommend doing this, and then yesterday was bit my a yellow jacket on the tip of my finger while reaching for a donut my daughter delivered during my yard sale. So I have been laying in bed at night with ice packs for a week. I know this is all related to my yard sale and not just the achy body, over-doing it part - I will not part with my stuff easily even when the stuff is dead (to me) ... hoping today's trine cleans out all the buried muck without any additional ice pack injuries. Wishing all of you the same!!

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