Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of October 9th - busy busy, relationship issues, a focus on what isn't there or isn't going to work, a surprise that hurts, power struggles, transformation, pajama envy, Jupiter dives into Scorpio, Venus comes home to Libra

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This was supposed to post Sunday morning, not sure what went wrong. Another crazy week ahead - buckle up!

On SUNDAY, diplomatic and clear-headed Mercury joins the Sun in balanced Libra. This concludes the Mercury/Sun cycle that started on August 26th - maybe that date means something to someone. This is excellent energy for a "meeting of the minds" about serious matters (Libra's ruler Venus is squaring sober big-daddy Saturn). Information (Mercury) or maybe a sibling could "bring something to light" (Sun). With Saturn in Sagittarius this is also good energy for negotiations around legal issues, foreign issues, travel, education, big-picture planning, etc. Relationship issues will be particularly intense this week.

Remember Mercury is in Libra now - kind coupled with strategic language will move the conversation forward and keep even those with very diverse views on the same page.

MONDAY is a U.S. holiday. Even if you aren't working the Moon's move into Gemini will make the beginning of the week busy with lots of information and communication coming in. Serious Saturn is trining the Leo North Node - we can be sure that patience, hard work and stepping into our responsibilities are moving us toward our best future! Take serious advice and serious people seriously now.

The Sun, still hooked up with mental Mercury is squaring Pluto exactly now. Whatever this Mercury/Sun conclusion is we are dealing with can be particularly powerful, even karmic. Power struggles within relationships are likely. In a world that feels so out of control everyone is trying to control their own little piece of the pie. The truth will need to come out, but remember all truth is subjective - we all have different truths!

Struggles may be beneath the surface with everyone smiling and saying nice things out loud. But we will be able to feel what is not being said or what the words really mean.

WORDS ARE POWERFUL NOW.  Take this seriously. Words can destroy or transform - so what's it gonna be?

There is still a hell of alot of mental pressure within the collective. So much black and white thinking in a world filled with people being kept apart by black and white thinking. Keep this in mind. Let's give each other, and ourselves, a break when needed. We are all truly doing the best we can.

On TUESDAY, we have the big news of the week when Jupiter hits 0 degrees Scorpio. We are going to explore this indepth in a post this week, but this is a good time to know what house/houses hold Scorpio in your natal chart and the theme of those house(s). Figure this out or ask me - he is going to be there for over a year!

This is where our obsessions, compulsions, focus, lucky breaks and expansion will be coming in the next 13 months. Jupiter couldn't really be Jupiter for the past year in Libra with the other cardinal sign planets (Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn) forming tense angles and breathing down his neck. For better or worse he is freed up now. This transit could make some of us very ambitious.

Jupiter expands whatever he touches and Scorpio deepens our experience of them. Let's watch for any Scorpio themes - other people's resources, loans, debts, inheritances, insurance, taxes, investments, mortgages, banks, death, birth, sex, reproduction, jealousy, power struggles, revenge, obsessions, power struggles, crime, stuff that is buried, family karma, compulsions AND any Jupiter themes - legal issues, travel, foreign, education, marketing, weddings, religious, higher-thinking, our beliefs, optimism, the media - that catch our attention now because it will mark what is first at bat (or most important) for us in this chapter of our story. The Scorpian issues will expand - especially the theme of your Scorpio house, which will be different than what I have written above unless you are an Aries rising! The Jupiter issues will deepen. We'll talk about this in the dailies. And we'll look through the signs and houses.

Our astrological universe is grouped into three "sections" - the personal planets (inner), and, yes, in astrology we call the Sun and Moon planets to simplify things: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus - these planets change signs from every couple days to every few weeks so they are always in motion. Their transits most impact our day-to-day lives, but they are very transitory. They keep everything moving. The very outer planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - they mostly influence the collective and those collective influences trickle into our lives. They move slowly, staying in a sign from a few years to many, many years. Their changes take us longer to work through and are much longer lasting, sometimes their changes within our lives are permanent. In-between the inner and outer planets we have Jupiter and Saturn. They influence both our day-to-day lives and the collective and are the bridge from the the inner to outer. With Jupiter we evolve through growth and with Saturn we evolve through restriction. Both Jupiter and Saturn are changing signs over the next few weeks! This is a big deal and indicates big changes ahead in both the collective and within our own personal lives. Those changes start this week.

ALL WEEK we are impacted by first Venus and then Mars squaring Saturn and opposing Chiron. There are some flies in the ointment and they are the green ones that bite. Ouch! 

So what we want/need (Venus) and the action we take to get it (Mars) meet limits, constraints, problems that will not be easily solved. 

The focus is on something we are missing, something that doesn't work or something that is in our way

There is also an opposition between Mercury and Uranus at the end of the week at the same time Mars opposes Chiron - this could be especially surprising and hurtful.

There are not alot of easy answers right now. We will just have to toss on some old clothes, jump in, get dirty and do our best.

THURSDAY we have the last quarter Moon in Cancer (Sun square Moon). This is the 'crisis' point of the Moon's monthly cycle - we are kind of sorting out what is working and what isn't in preparation for the New Moon next week. This isn't the best energy to launch something new - the Moon is waning and our energy probably will be, too! We could want to just go home, find some flannels and climb in bed! But the square to the Sun (in Libra) and Venus's pending move will keep our relationships and connecting with other people in the spotlight.

Make some time to relax and focus on home and family though!

Fair and balanced Venus will head into her home sign of Libra on FRIDAY. Libras and Libra risings get more attractive - both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want. All of our natal Libra houses get more attractive, too. I will write a post.

There are no void Moons during work hours. See you in the dailies. xo all

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