Mars Square Saturn | what we resist persists, slowing this freight train down, roadblocks, feeling over-burdened, judgements, doing our best with what we have, wonder woman vs catwoman, differences are inflated, banging our head against the wall, not a good day for a fight

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Today, we have Mars (in Virgo) squaring Saturn (in Sagittarius) at 22 degrees.

This is our energy/initiative - what we are doing to get what we want (remember Mars is just coming off his dance with Venus) - hitting an obstacle. We talked about this for the last couple weeks. Something is restricting our actions. Maybe our responsibilities are onerous now. Maybe we need to suppress our anger and we just want to blow up. Think about the California firefighters trying to stop (Saturn) the fire (Mars).

At the least there is frustration here.

Our reactions to differences with other people will be out-of-proportion to what is really happening. Save the heart to heart talks for another day. Things could seem worse than they really are now.

Patience will be required - and we learn patience by practicing patience. The more we try to rush and push the more Saturn will stand firm. There is divine timing with all things - keep that in mind now. Saturnian obstacles turn out to be good things in the long run. They make us stronger. 

If you are procrastinating about something think about why you aren't taking action. Is what you are doing really in line with what you are wanting?

With Saturn we have to think/act long-term. We have to be consistent. We have to get up every morning and put our boots on and trudge off to do our work. Yes, even in the snow and the rain and when we were up all night binge watching Netflix.

We also have Venus inconjunct Uranus - a desire toward something new or different but some kind of impasse with that. And Venus squares Black Moon Lilith - poor Venus is having a very bad day.

Black Moon Lilith though is not only squaring Venus but trining (brakes off) that same Uranus change-maker. The disruptive woman is disruptive on steroids now. Venus in Virgo says be polite, be good, be virtuous, be quiet. Lilith unleashed in Sagittarius says life is big and messy and out of control and I am not going to take this patriarchal/be a good (and quiet) girl bullshit anymore!

We could actually find ourselves in a good girl/bad girl situation with another person now or this could just play out within ourselves. The situation isn't totally black and white though. Both sides have their strong points and their weaknesses and the real story can get lost in the telling of it. Especially if we are shouting. Or not talking at all.

In the end Saturn will win the day. His rules/restrictions/time frames cannot be trampled.  

We will do the work and get through this somehow. We will do the best with what we have. We are getting really good at that.

Don't look too far ahead with anything today. Stuff is changing too fast.

xo all

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