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The energy of yesterday's Full Moon is still strong today.

The Moon is connecting with Uranus (surprise, the unexpected, the future, rebellion) and Jupiter (expansion, luck, big thinking). Jupiter will make the Uranian surprises BIGLY and the Moon will make sure we feel them. Keep this in mind.

The Aries Moon will go void at 2:58PM EDT until she moves into Taurus at 6:38pm EDT. Maybe close up early - certainly don't start anything or send any important communications out during the void - unless you want "nothing to come of them". The Moon is exalted in Taurus encouraging comfort - good food, a hot bath, a warm blanket - we could all use some Taurean comfort this weekend. This is good weekend lunar energy for a massage, cooking, getting our hands in the dirt - do something that soothes your soul.

Today, we have Mercury (in Libra) inconjunct Neptune (retrograde in Pisces) and Pallas (retrograde in Taurus). So we have a Yod (called a finger of God; ie fate, cosmic course correction) which is an isosceles triangle in the sky, pointing at Mercury the planet of - communication, conversation, ideas, thinking, siblings, our local neighborhood, transportation.

The Yod is formed through inconjuncts which are tense aspects that can't be easily reconciled (the Mercury stuff) and sextiles - Neptune and Pallas which is where the opportunities/solutions/gold can be mined.

Communications with other people (Mercury in Libra) can be tricky. Our unconscious slips of the tongue might mean something. Pay attention to the words that get stuck in your head now.

We need to be very clear with our language (we talked about this in the Full Moon post).

We need to be fair (think - compromise). We need to be practical. Solutions might not feel quite like a win-win, but with this strong Aries Moon we want to avoid an all-out-war. Solutions ironed out now can create real stability and security (especially around financial issues) and would be worth the effort.

We need to be certain (and it won't be easy) that we are being understood. And that we are understanding the other person. We need to talk. We need to listen. Both parties views need to be valued.

It can be hard to get the right words out, but if we do, the sextile (opportunity) between Pallas (strategy) and Neptune (dreams) can create real stability here. Think about the kind of strategy a war general would think about. Practical. Measurable. Look for patterns. Set time-frames and budgets and goals. And remember the other person is a war general, too, and you are both on the same side, even if you feel very much at odds right now.

TOGETHER we could make something real that seems very pie in the sky. We have the energy of a cosmic course correction at our back now!

With both Pallas and Neptune retrograde, whatever this is, it won't be a brand new issue/situation. 

Although it could be the first time we put on our big-girl pants, took our proper seat at the table and actually talked it out or acted to iron out some practical, workable plans. 

Revise whatever isn't working for both parties. This needs to be fair and balanced. Don't give too much or too little. It won't be easy. 

But solutions that create real stability are possible now.

Imagine yourself unfurling a parchment paper map/course of action onto a mahogany table. You and the other person are each holding the paper. Both standing on different sides of the table with no one at the head of the table. There is equality here.

It is your goal to bring God/the Universe (Neptune!) into the bargaining room.

Everyone might not get everything they want (the inconjuncts pretty much assure us of this), but everyone WILL need to feel treated fairly and to be practical, if the exchange is to be successful. We must be strategic and clear-headed like Pallas. We are warriors!

That's the scenario to unlock today's sextile - opportunity for greater security and stability, especially regarding resources and finances, within our relationships. The Finger of God pointing to Mercury tells us to get clear and speak up. Good luck!!

xo all

Some of you might remember I am turning a Shasta camper into a photo-booth. It has been slow-going for multiple reasons (UGH - one year since I bought it, three years since I registered the domain name - and yes, I am losing sleep imagining dozens of people in my local area turning campers into photo-booths rendering mine useless by the time I get this damn thing finished).

Last week, I finally pulled the trigger (after dozens of hours of research) on the purchase of the photo-booth shell to go into the camper - the piece that will house the lights, computer, printer, etc.

I could use it in the camper, but then also wheel it out of the camper and onto the dance floor, etc, if it was needed elsewhere.

It came in the mail during last week's "getting ready for the yard sale, clean everything out, life is chaos" and I tucked the box into a corner of my studio unopened.

Yesterday I opened the box and pulled out the cabinet.

It is extremely well made. A corner has been slightly crushed underneath during shipping so it doesn't sit level on the wheels. I can see it was well-packed but not well enough packed (I am an expert packer having shipped thousands of glass test tubes and glass frames over the years - if you ever need packing advice I am your girl - except for suitcases I am impatient with those and just cram stuff in).

The mistake that caught my attention yesterday though isn't the shipping damage to the cabinet, the problem is the cabinet - at 22" square - doesn't fit through the Shasta camper's 19" door!   

photo-booth shell
I never thought about the damn camper door!

The cabinet is made of metal and doesn't come apart. It was expensive. So I have a gorgeous cabinet, but I can't get it into the camper. Of course, a couple months ago the whole camper was in pieces and I could have easily stuck it in there. But not now.

Just moments before opening the box I had typed a blog post saying one possible way the Full Moon could show up was with a "why the hell didn't I measure twice and cut once" illumination and here was mine. And did I say this thing was expensive. Ouch!

This morning I am thinking like Pallas - the warrior Goddess. I need a strategy. I could toss a fit over the shipping damage. But, I won't. Although I will mention it. I just need a smaller bottom (hmm, the story of my life right now!). Maybe a different base without a cabinet.

I have to make some plans before I approach the guys who made this thing.

They were already going to fabricate me a shorter middle section for seated clients in the camper, but now instead I need a different base. And my budget is very small for this. Like I need it for free and I need it tomorrow, but I can see how this might not work out for them. Ha!

First I need some strong tea and a walk at the reservoir to clear my head. And then a plan.

And, yes, I bought it on Etsy. xo all

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