Sun into Scorpio | what makes your heart beat so hard in your chest that you fear it will explode like a ripe watermelon tossed off the back of a moving truck - do more of THAT

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Late, last night the Sun moved from Libra into deep and murky Scorpio (and my Scorpio friend tells me she wants me to find words other than deep and murky, but really what other words are there - ha!).

With Jupiter recently ingressed into Scorpio, too, the Sun and Jupiter will be traveling close together (exact on Thursday) for the next few days.

Through November 2018 - Jupiter in Scorpio - what we do in the dark/what we carry in the shadows expands. During the Sun in Scorpio season (through November 21st) a light is thrown on this stuff. Likely through a greater intimacy with someone else/other people. And also through a greater intimacy with ourselves.

Trust issues and control issues bubble up. Mars is in Libra as of yesterday shifting our energy toward shared experiences.

Scorpio is about passion. What are we passionate about? What makes us excited? What makes us so angry we see red? What makes our heart thump so hard in our chest that we fear explosion?

I have a Scorpio friend, yes, the same one solidly opposed to "dark and murky" who told me she is most passionate about time alone with a good book. 

Well, maybe this is a time for her to admit this need to herself openly - schedule a good chunk of weekly time to read (rather than a few minutes here and there while waiting in the car for her kids), schedule time to research for good books, leisurely visit the library, join a book club, etc. 

She could think about the subject matter she is most passionate about - in her case, European history. How can she take her passion with that deeper? How can she use her passion to deepen her connection with other people?

Since Neptune square Saturn - the major transit of 2016 - it has been hard to know what is true. It has actually always been hard/impossible to know what is true (because we are all looking out through different eyes and seeing different things), but since last year everyone has pretty much been awake to this.

It has created a great deal of instability and discomfort for all of us and in particular for people who need things to be black and white.

People who need to be right. People who need to be good. People who need to be in control. Where is Capricorn in your natal chart? Where is Virgo? Where is Saturn? We all carry this energy to a greater or lesser extent.

And, of course, we can only be right when we label someone else as wrong and we can only be good when we label someone else as bad. Without scapegoats we would actually have to own our own crap. And no matter how many New Age books tell us otherwise we will never really be in control during our days on Planet Earth.

There are probably other realities for that.

The more I look at astrology charts and the more I talk to people about them, the clearer it becomes that our road maps (natal charts) and the subsequent transits over the course of our lives to those road maps are more relevant and more nuanced than we could ever imagine. Our beliefs, the way we see the world (our natal chart) become our reality, our way of connecting with the world, and then the world reacts/responds to us.

Maybe the biggest question we all face right now is how to live our own truth, even when that truth is not supported by other people and even when that truth does not support other people. Ouch. What is it we want that we don't want to look at/own up to?

And just as important - how can we hold a space for other people to live their truth even when we do not agree with them? Even when it hurts us. More ouch.

Modern life is not for sissies.

We are living in the days between the Age of Pisces (religion, patriarchy) and the Age of Aquarius (science, equality).  

We can see far enough ahead now to understand that we could get this science/equality thing very wrong, very fast, if we are not careful.

If we lose our heart (Leo). If we lose our connection to our passion (Scorpio).  If we lose our connection to each other (Neptune). It is Pisces that rules our eternal connection, spirituality, love. Aquarius rules disconnection and chaos. What do we really need to carry with us because there is only so much room on the ark.

xo all


stregata said...

That last bit - why is it making me think of novels like 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 ?
Thank you for always giving me food for thought.
Umm,do you think you will have a chance to take another look at my sister's chart? I really hate to be a bother, but any advice would be so appreciated. And thank you for always being so supportive and helpful.
How is Olive doing?

Catherine Ivins said...

Yes, it reminds me of those novels, too - and it can also be a time when we use technology to fix the issues with the planet's health and our own, when we really value humanity - it could be wonderful - and since an age is about 2600 years it will probably be all of these things at some point - the best and the worst! It is moving much faster than any of us expected I think ...

Sorry I was supposed to check on Pearl!

Jupiter has moved into her 5th house of creativity, romance, children, fun, authenticity and she has 3 natal planets there, so Jupiter will conjunct her natal Venus, Neptune and Mars. He will hit her Venus first in about a month, so at that time he will be expanding that 5th house plus impacting her money/values/relationships (Venus) and trining (removing obstacles) to her Pisces career house. And that trine (brakes off) between her career house and her 5th house is a recurring theme next year. Mars is just coming off her natal Mercury and Sun in her 4th house of home/family so maybe something just happened there or is about to? She still has Saturn moving through that 6th house of work and day-to-day stuff and it will still be there even when he moves into Capricorn at the end of the year so she needs to continue to be putting the hard work into the details of things, etc. She does have Neptune sitting on her natal Saturn which could be confusing and muddle things. She is just completing her Chiron return in that career house so getting past that should be helpful, too.

Let me look at her solar return since she had a birthday recently!

Olive's eye is very good! Thank you for asking Renate! xo