Full Moon in Aries | October 5th - whole vs. good, mind readers wanted, double check the info, keep the receipts, how are we underestimating ourselves

"I'd rather be whole than good." ... C.G. Jung

bright full moon by claire solo

The Full Moon is always a time of tension - it's a time of Sun opposite Moon. Oppositions are pretty much just what they sound like. There is a reason police departments and emergency rooms are uber busy during Full Moons!

This month we've got the Sun in Libra at 12 degrees  (ruled by Venus - peace, women, balance, fairness, love, cooperation) and the Moon in the opposite sign of Aries at 12 degrees (ruled by Mars - war, young men, initiative, passion, courage, anger, violence, independence).

This is the culmination of the Aries New Moon that launched the lunar year back in April, maybe something from that time is finishing up. Feels like years ago, doesn't it? I am aging in dog years now, how about you?

At the Full Moon things culminate or come to light. Results are delivered. Stuff finishes up.

The Sun is conjunct Mercury so a spotlight (Sun) could be directed onto a conversation or message or idea. The opposition to the Moon in fiery Aries tells us something here is too demanding or creates contention or is simply unfair. Or maybe our head is at odds with our emotions (instincts). Imbalances within relationships could be highlighted. Self-interest could be highlighted - this is the Aries Moon after all!

The Sun and Mercury are loosely inconjunct dreamy Neptune (in Pisces). There could be a lie, illusion or some rose colored glasses involved. Maybe our too high hopes mislead us. Or old insecurities fog up the glass and make it hard to see what is real. Keep this in mind.

We are not mind-readers but might think we are, sooo -

Double check the information. Keep the receipts. Be able to show your work. Spell it out. Get expectations in writing. To recap - the Full Moon could expose some information, but all may not be as it seems. Mars and Venus are both in Virgo - the facts/truth is in here somewhere. Continue to be logical and practical and attend to the details. Something hidden or unacknowledged or something we have been avoiding (do not allow things to go unsaid now) will likely be the thing that trips us up later. Take care of the loose ends so there will be less for Saturn to unravel in a few days. 

How our actual world is different than our comforting illusions could be highlighted here.

This is also the day Venus finally meets up with Mars - so we have the Sun in Libra answering to Venus conjunct Mars and the Moon in Aries answering to Mars conjunct Venus. It just makes whatever this relationship thing is "me vs. him/her/them" a bit more incestuous and tightly bound.

Our wants/needs and action are lined up now, but Mars and Venus are headed toward that meet-up with Saturn next week, so everything isn't a honeymoon for the universe's favorite couple. Maybe we get what we want, but it's not quite what we thought it would be. Maybe the promotion we had been hoping for comes through, but the added duties and responsibilities take a higher toll than we had anticipated. If we go for our freedom now, we have to be willing to live with the consequences.

This doesn't mean we don't take the action we are called to take. Taking the action changes the results/consequences. When we shift today's energy, tomorrow's energy must change, too. That's why we can't look too far ahead now - with the South Node in Aquarius we just don't know what we don't know. We will just do our best with whatever we are facing. Just use whatever resources you currently have (facts, money, intuition, courage, time, love, optimism, your super-power, etc) when dealing with whatever you are dealing with.

Decide. Then decide to not look back. When we hit the roadblocks up ahead we will deal with them. We won't allow the roadblocks to make us think we have chosen the wrong thing. If we didn't choose at all or chose the other path there would just be different roadblocks.

This doesn't mean we act foolishly though. Whatever we are dealing with, with Saturn laying in wait up ahead, we must be honest, patient, do the responsible thing and basically be a grown-up with any situation we are dealing with.

The Full Moon is in a T-Square with Pluto - God of the Underworld. 

What is gone and isn't coming back? What is dead that we are still feeding? What is waiting to be born?

Aries rules our first house of ourselves. Aries is about me, me, me and it should be. It's where we start. If we don't start with ourselves, and many of us don't, we won't even know where we want to go!

C.G. Jung, father of both modern psychology and modern astrology, said, "I'd rather be whole than good." And by whole he didn't mean perfect. And by 'not good' he didn't mean bad.

looking ahead ...

Jupiter is just days from his Scorpio ingress. He will be in Scorpio from October 10, 2017 through November 8, 2018. In Scorpio he will be answering to Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) who is in Capricorn answering to Saturn (ruler of Capricorn), who is about 14 (?) weeks from being very strong in his home sign of Capricorn (late December). By January, we will have Jupiter and Pluto and Saturn all answering to Saturn!

But we still have a couple months when Saturn is still in Sagittarius, so Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius will be answering to himself. Which is good for us because he is the astrological Santa Claus!

This is why I have been saying get those BIG changes rolling before the end of December. Because Santa Claus will soon be answering to Scrooge. And not Scrooge McDuck either, the real-deal Scrooge with the scowling face and the miserly attitude. We will talk more about this later. It won't all be bad, don't worry. Winter might be coming, but that means hot chocolate and warm sweaters. There are always perks!

Scorpio rules all the stuff we push down deep and don't want to look at. The taboo stuff. The stuff polite society doesn't permit us to chitchat about. There is a reason Scorpio follows Libra. In Libra we partner. We balance things out. We seek peace and fairness. In Scorpio we push aside those Libran niceties and we get real. We cook the relationship down to its essence rather than take it out half-baked to get approval and look good for the neighbors.

No one will be left scratching their head and wondering what we meant.

At least once Jupiter leaves Libra we won't be dealing with his squares and oppositions to the outer planets in cardinal signs - Uranus (in Aries) and Pluto (in Capricorn) - it will be easier trines and sextiles for Jupiter in Scorpio - you lucky Scorpians, you!

In the meantime if we haven't cleared that Jupiter in Libra relationship elephant from the living-room (mine is looking rather saggy, baggy these days, but still manages to somehow block the coffee table)

then the Aries Full Moon and the days/events that follow will be our final chance to push his ass out of the house. We don't want him thumping around over our head when we head down into the basement (Jupiter in Scorpio).

Yes, basement! I know what you are thinking. Our flashlight will go out and the wall switch will fail to work. The wooden steps will splinter beneath our feet. The door will mysteriously lock itself behind us and the whole place will smell like wet laundry left in the washer for three days. Exactly. The good news (and the bad news) is that everything in the basement is something WE put there.

We are going to dig this forgotten/avoided/hidden stuff up and carry it home gently like a mama cat carrying her kittens. We will notice how we use other people's energy and resources and how they use ours (among other things - where is your Scorpio natal house?).

Vampires do not really only come out in the night and there are consequences for the things we do in the dark ....

Can you tell I have Halloween on my mind this morning??? Don't forget to get out and walk in the Full Moon. xo all

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