Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of October 16th - commitments, intimate conversations, big news, shocking news, curve balls, a tipping point, buttons get pushed, decision time

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Big Libra/Scorpio focus this week, so it will be all about our relationships, partnerships, agents, clients (Libra) and power, money, intimacy, reproduction, death, rebirth, other people's resources ie debts, inheritances, loans, taxes, spouse's income, etc (Scorpio). It will be about the themes of our natal Libra and Scorpio houses.

On MONDAY, the Sun (in Libra) sextiles Saturn (in Sagittarius). Sextiles are opportunities, but if we blink we miss them. I don't mean we have to proceed quickly, not with this one - with Saturn time is always on our side. But when a door opens easily or things fall together without a whole lot of struggle we might not even notice something has shifted in our favor. We don't always take advantage of the good energy. It slips away ...

This sextile is about making a commitment, stepping into a responsibility, dealing with an authority figure or working with a mentor. It is about something solid that puts us on more stable ground. Working toward our goals in a self-disciplined way is favored and can bring lasting rewards. Our relationships and/or Sagittarius themes could be highlighted - travel, higher education, media, publishing, weddings, political issues or legal issues.

Today's waning Moon is in organized and service-oriented Virgo and trining (brakes off) Pluto (in Capricorn) - good for getting work done, helping others through our own inner strength and releasing attachment to clutter - paperwork, emails, unfinished business that will never be finished and hangs over our head like incomplete homework assignments, situations that have trailed off ...

On TUESDAY, Mercury moves into Scorpio (post to follow) until November 6th. Here he/she will give voice to truth, spill some secrets, engage in some intimate conversations - words could be transformational. We will be discovering new information, exploring it and processing it ...  deeply. No one will be satisfied with light chitchat or superficial answers. If we ask someone how they are doing we should be prepared to hear something beyond "fine".

Now, this transit lasts a few weeks and with the Moon's move into Libra mid-morning we might not feel Scorpio's intensity with our communications until the Moon moves out of Libra and into Scorpio later in the week.

The Moon is void until 1:35PM EDT. Don't start anything new or send anything out into the world you want something to "come of" before that time. If you are filing a late tax return - this morning would be the perfect time to mail it (since you don't want anything to come of it!).

On WEDNESDAY, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter - both recently ingressed into Scorpio. We can expect some news now about what Jupiter's transit through Scorpio will be about. A big news day. Conversations are expansive and/or there are many of them. This is wonderful energy to begin a new course of study. Here is the forest (Jupiter) and the trees (Mercury) - the big picture and the small details - working together. Words, ideas, communications could have a SUBSTANTIAL IMPACT.

On THURSDAY, we have the New Moon in Libra (post to follow). With both the Sun and Moon in opposition to unpredictable Uranus (in independent Aries) - this New Moon is a definite boat-rocker.

The focus for some people will be on their relationships - there will be break-ups and spaces that get broken open. This New Moon cycle promises abrupt changes. Maybe something starts faster than we were expecting it to. Maybe a snap decision is required or news or changes hits us out of the blue. We could meet someone very unusual now - an Aquarian or someone with Aquarian traits (think genius, rebel, criminal).

Curve balls will be thrown. Have your mitt ready. It could be exciting or rattling or both.

This Moon might encourage us to do something totally out of character, especially if we have been repressing something that needs to be expressed. Take a deep breath and think it through. There will be a way to handle this without tossing the baby out with the bathwater. But probably that bathwater has to go. Expect rebellion.

With the Aries/Libra polarity triggered - this could be about us incorporating something new (Uranus) into our identity (Aries) or more freedom (Uranus) within our relationships (Libra).

What this energy really wants is to break through the stagnant spaces and dishonest civilities in order to create true balance. A tipping point is reached - something is going over. We will know what isn't stable because it will be shaking. Financial and emotional investments will be weighed out.

There is an inconjunct (something that can't be reconciled) to wounded healer Chiron bumping into our tender spaces, childhood wounds, vulnerabilities and fears. I will do a post by sign.

The Moon goes void at 3:12 PM EDT.

On FRIDAY, the Moon (in Scorpio) will conjunct Mercury in the morning - here is where those conversations get more intimate, our focus more laser, our thinking more in line with our emotions and goes on to trine Neptune in the early evening - healing, creativity, less boundaries.

On SUNDAY, Mars joins the Libra party adding energy (maybe enthusiasm and initiative, maybe anger or blunt force) to our New Moon situation. Mars is in his detriment in Libra - unstable and creating movement through other people. So if we need to get mad or take some action, but we don't, then other people might act this out for us by getting mad at us! Or they will take some action we are subconsciously wanting to take. We will unconsciously trigger this.

(Did I ever write about the Saturday morning I had three different people 'give me the finger' within two hours - three different traffic situations and before you go thinking I must need driving lessons - which I might actually since I still can't parallel park without at least a dozen moves back and forth - all three times I had the right of way. Really. I felt like I had one of those "kick me" signs on my back except I guess it would have been a giant hand with a giant extended middle finger on my front bumper.

This was many years ago and I took this as a sign to get my ass back to the house and park my car. Today, I would be looking at what the hell I myself was so annoyed/angry about and how I should go about expressing it ... and then, yes, get my ass back to the house and park my car.

Now, I have Mars opposing my Sun in my natal chart so can trigger all kinds of tension/anger/enthusiasm within other people unconsciously to get myself moving. When I needed to leave banking I had a gun to my head during a robbery and a crazy stalker situation happening at the same time. But we all do this to varying degrees.)

Decisions must be made. And yes, with all this Libra it will be harder to make them as we weigh all the options. Situations could conspire to force our hand.

xo all

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