Venus Square Pluto | Mercury Sextile Pluto - wanting what we can't have, wanting what someone else has, wanting more, deep thinking, honest communications, what our yearnings are trying to show us

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Today, we have Venus (strong in Libra) squaring (tension) Pluto (in Capricorn) at 17 degrees with Mercury (in Scorpio) sextiling (opportunity) Pluto. If you have been watching the beautiful waxing Moon, it probably won't surprise you that we also have the first quarter Moon (in Aquarius).

Pluto squares are about power, passion, control and truth.

Maybe we don't have something we want and with Venus we will be feeling the space that sits empty/maybe stagnant with our longing - there could be manipulation, obsession, compulsion, power plays involved here.

These are the emotional reactions that tell us something deeper is going on - within us. We have squashed something down that we don't want to look at and now it is rearing its head in misshapen ways. Likely coming out through relationship issues, financial issues or issues involving women (or beauty/aging). Calling out for attention. Calling out for communication.

Maybe we want more than is even possible from a situation/person. Maybe we are comparing ourselves to other people. Maybe our ambitions with something are not in line with divine timing.

Whatever this is, the opportunity (sextile) lies with today's Plutonian contact with Mercury (communication, conversation, local environment, siblings, transportation, information, thoughts). Something from that Mercurian word salad, most-likely the "communication, thinking" themes present the real opportunity for growth here.

This isn't so much about getting what we want as it is about looking at why we really want it. Venus has been a big player in 2017, none of this is really new news. It could be a fresh situation though. Maybe not.

Think through what is happening. Think about what you are feeling. When have you felt this way before? What is this current situation really stirring up? What are you really afraid of? Maybe this kind of thinking process is enough. Maybe this thinking needs to shared/communicated with another person, though not necessarily the person you are dealing with (if that is what is happening).

Maybe a mentor or authority figure (maybe an actual Capricorn person).

Maybe after working it through ourselves mentally, an honest/open discourse within the relationship/other people involved will allow us to figure out what is really going on. The energy may not be quite ripe for a solution, but maybe the tension (the square) can be diluted enough that we can all sleep at night.

Today's energy could push yesterday's optimism into the "punch drunk" territory. Keep this in mind. 

We also have the first quarter square Moon (in Aquarius). Whatever started at last week's New Moon - and something ALWAYS starts, the reason we set our intentions is to have some input - hits an obstacle.

With Aquarius we could need to consider outside points of view or maybe what we are doing isn't meeting with the approval of others. If we are feeling defensive or defiant - take a breath. This might require some flexibility and Aquarius is fixed air - not wanting to bend. Can we bend without breaking? Without losing control? Not because we are doing anything wrong, but because maybe there is a better way we can't see through the dense Aquarian "know-it-all" energy.

And yet we need to follow our heart here. This isn't about tossing away our authenticity, but let's stay flexible. We can't bend so much we snap in two like a twig, but we can't remain so stiff we will surely break anyway. The first quarter Moon is the time of adjustment. So adjust.

The Aquarius Moon every month is good energy to work with people via the internet and attend to independent online work.

xo all

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