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Today we have Mercury (in Scorpio) trining (brakes off) Neptune (in Pisces) at 11 degrees.

Our greatest ease comes through connecting these two energies.

Maybe we make decisions (Mercury) using our intuition/imagination (Pisces) - I wouldn't make any BIG decisions with today's energy though - since the truth could be slippery. Maybe something we hear or read or say (Mercury) is healing/connecting (Pisces). Maybe the answers (Mercury) come through meditation and prayer (Pisces). Maybe our thinking (Mercury) is creative (Pisces). Maybe it is time to speak (Mercury) our dreams (Neptune) out loud.

If we are talking about or learning about (Mercury) Piscean/Neptunian subject matter - healing, spirituality, art, poetry, music, photography, addiction issues, escapist tendencies, etc - our mind won't be focused on the details, but we will be able to feel the bigger picture here.

Maybe without focusing on the dots, the dots can finally be connected. 

Our senses, especially if not fogged up with sugar (at least in my case), are heightened now. We know what people are really saying no matter what words they are using and other people will be picking up on the subtle, often unconscious, clues we are putting out.

So, if someone says to us today, "why are you so angry?" and at first we think they are nuts and we are not angry. Well, maybe we will stop - we have the benefit of astrology! - and go a little deeper (scan our body for tension, feel their words instead of immediately discounting them). They could be picking up on something we are not wanting to look at/talk about. On the other hand with Mercury trine Neptune - they could actually be nuts. It will be hard to tell. :)

Silence could speak louder than words now. Really listen.

Mercury and Neptune are sextiling Juno (in Capricorn).  

So, today's communication is likely to offer the greatest opportunities (sextile) within partnerships (Juno ruled) - both personal and business (Capricorn).

Contracts and commitments can be talked about in a way that is connecting rather than alienating now. Both parties can feel heard. Our dreams can merge together. Scorpian secrets and taboo subject matter (Mercury is in Scorpio, don't forget) can be discussed.

There is alot of water involved so emotions could run high. The sextile to Capricorn should stabilize the whole thing though and the energies involved should help soothe the situation.

Mars is in Libra - nobody really wants to fight now anyway.

We truly are all in this together.

Remember, see the weekly forecast HERE, that the Sagittarius Moon goes void from 12:44PM EDT to 8:12PM EDT and then moves into Capricorn. You know the drill with that one.

xo all

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