Sun Conjunct Jupiter | do you feel lucky, hidden resources coming to light, if more isn't better, staying positive, when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change, taking action, doing something new

by raetselleben

The Sun meets up with expansive Jupiter at 3 degrees Scorpio today.

See the weekly forecast HERE where we explore the "lucky" aspect of this transit. We all kick off a new Jupiter cycle and if you have a birthday this week you will be exploring this Sun/Jupiter energy all year! You lucky duck you!

A light (the Sun) shines on a Scorpion theme (or the theme of our natal Scorpio house) and it expands in a Jupiterian way. Something is growing here. Likely our optimism about a particular situation. With the Sun exposing Jupiter, ruler of our beliefs - we have the chance to change/expand our world-view to improve a situation.

This is all happening in Scorpio and Scorpio rules the taboo. The stuff we have pushed down deep and don't really want to look at. Certainly the stuff we don't talk about in polite society; sex, death, taxes. In Scorpio, we merge - ourselves and our resources with other people.

Maybe, something in the shadows is brought into the light now. The Jupiterian energy creates expansion and - although it doesn't offer a notarized guarantee of a positive outcome - due to the power of positive thinking, usually things will turn out well in the long run. 

Maybe an opportunity or resource we hadn't previously considered comes to our attention now.

We could find we have more power than we thought we did or more additional outside help

(possibly even via a Santa Claus figure - Jupiter - or a father figure - the Sun).

This is excellent energy to get something started. Do you know the theme of your natal Scorpio house? There is a natural fresh start offered there, but any area of life can benefit from a kick-off that carries this powerhouse combination.

The fly in the ointment with Sun/Jupiter in Scorpio is that problems can get magnified and grow now, too. Expansion sounds good in theory, but much depends on what is expanding! And more isn't always better. Remember the jam study.

The good news for us - bad news for the fly - is the very fact this situation has our attention and energy NOW tells us there are opportunities ripe for development in here somewhere.  

Cast a wider net. Stay positive.

There could be a connection with information from the October 18th Mercury/Jupiter conjunction. Something there gains traction here.

It's important to remember Jupiter is a planet made up entirely of gases. We could take something too far over-the-top now. That's what this energy is pushing us to do - to take a chance, to go for it.

The Moon is in stable Capricorn today, but by tomorrow will be in anything-can-happen Aquarius and we could be moving far outside our comfort zones especially in regard to money and relationship situations. Keep in mind we are flying in a hot air balloon.

By Saturday/Sunday our Jupiterian optimism could be as deflated as the balloon which has now landed. I hesitate to even write this, since I am sure some readers with strong Virgo or Saturn placements will see this as a stop sign. It isn't.

The balloon has given us a wonderful view of possibilities. These are real things. 

Every move we make, every chance we take, shifts our current timeline (and yes, I'll be watching you*).

By next week we will have a better view of where this all stands. The Sun will have "enlightened" us, Jupiter will have expanded the situation and we will be ready to take action.

Please don't take this as a call to sit back and wait until next week.

Life doesn't work this way. What we do today impacts next week. And the weeks after that. We can only connect the dots looking backward, never forward (who said that? Steve Jobs I think). We can't see how everything is falling into place until later.

The North Node is still in brave and heart-centered Leo - move toward what your heart wants.

The Moon is in Capricorn. Let's get to work - our potential for success is greatly increased now. And let's buy a lottery ticket, too, because you never know ....

xo all

* although now that I think about the Police lyrics they may not fit terrible well - still a good song though.

And speaking of police, Olive's barking yesterday afternoon alerted me to a 'police situation' in my own backyard - well, front yard. A storm was kicking up and I usually ignore Olive's barking during storms since she gets stressed and uber-determined to alert me to anything that moves out there, even something like a blowing piece of paper. She barks at the window and then runs toward me. Back and forth. Again and again. And again.

For some reason I got up and went to the window to see what intruder ie lost receipt she was barking at this time.

There was a line of about 10 policemen dressed in black riot gear sneaking along my neighbor's fence (across the street). Their movements were in unison almost like a marching band, but instead of oboes and tubas they were carrying guns and shields. It was gut wrenching for a moment there.

I should mention I live in a very quiet, very small town and this particular house is right next to the town hall which contains the state police barracks!

The police proceeded to break in my neighbor's front door and charge into the house. Of course, I went upstairs for a better view and pulled over a chair, cursing myself for having sold George's old binoculars at the yard sale (every single time I sell something I haven't used in 15 years I need it. what the hell is that?).

Anyhoo, they proceed to, I assume, since I can't see what is happening inside the house, this particular neighbor always has their blinds closed - tear the place apart for a few hours.

The police finally leave. I can't tell if any of my neighbors leave with them because the action had moved to the side of the house out of my view.

The front door opens and I can see the outline of someone inside the house. They look like they are fiddling with the broken lock, etc (I should say I wasn't sitting and watching all morning, but I did seem to be looking at all the right times!). Suddenly a GIANT cross drops from over top of the front door and hangs there on a rope. Like a two foot tall cross. On a door that has never even held a holiday wreath.

I am thinking this is either a prayer to the Gods to leave them in peace or a signal to someone that the place isn't safe to enter, the way red crosses on doors would alert outsiders that sick people were in a house and not to come in. It's very ... odd.

I don't know these neighbors. And there is a wide assortment of them in different ages. The women all seem to go to work (or they go somewhere fairly regularly, sometimes with children buckled into carseats). The men all seem to walk uptown for cigarettes and coffee and then slink back into the house. They were friendly enough during the Memorial Day Parade when they gave Sully the candy they collected from the marchers who tossed toward their side of the street.

I have been googling 'drug bust farmingdale nj' but so far nothing. Maybe the drug bust was a bust.

There seems to be fewer cars over there. Of course, hubs has been suspicious of them since they moved in and now feels vindicated. His suspicions were mostly due to his thinking that 1. there are just too many of them and 2. one of the bedroom window's lights is too bright and on all the time. That nothing good/legal could be happening in a bedroom that well-lit.

I am not so sure. I tend to think most of the time it's the hidden stuff we have to watch out for. Except I can't anymore because I sold those damn binoculars!

At least I have my 18 pound guard dog to alert me when my neighbors get arrested ... or a slip of paper drifts into our yard. And hubs to keep an eye out for bright lights and suspicious groups of people. Now I just need to hunt up a new pair of binoculars ... probably at someone else's garage sale.


lynn bowes said...

YIKES!!!! I'd be right there at the window with ya, sister, and I DO HAVE binoculars so I'm a good one to know. I hope there's a follow up to this story. Keep googling.

Lots going on with Ed's health (a little stay in the hospital with a nasty case of C-diff, questionable bloodwork, all caused by a round of antibiotics prior to an injection in his back for pain a few weeks ago. I've been in caregiver mode for all of October and we desperately need a break. We both feel like selling everything and running away - but we can't. Too much stuff to deal with. (Need a car or motorcycle? Come see me.)

Speaking of getting rid of stuff (read: downsizing and tidying up), I'll be looking at a town home this weekend that has everything we want except a fireplace. Yay! And the basement is unfinished which means we could put in a fireplace. Yay! And they won't be ready to actually move until Spring. Yay! This could be 'the one' and I hope the stars are aligned so we can make the best decision. Your STOP SIGN reference cautioning Virgo readers is well-taken. I tend to put so much into a single situation and I promise to stay open.

As always, more later :: xox

DancingMooney said...

Lynn, I hope your husband starts feeling better soon, and you both get some rest.

Life has been moving fast here lately, but all in all, things are okay. Mom's boyfriend ultimately had leg amputation surgery last week (after being in the hospital most of the summer with 4 attempts at clearing his artery unsuccessfully), and seems to be recovering well from it, so hopefully that will be the beginning of something for him, and not the end, as we feared.

Hubby is getting to an age that he could retire soon if he wanted, but we realize we are not ready financially for that yet, it kind of snuck up on us... we are definitely feeling like less is more, but it's hard to put all the pieces together right now. So we just keep dreaming and doing and keeping our eye on the goal.

Amazon FBA is coming together slowly but surely and I'm both excited and afraid of the opportunity, but taking all the lessons I've learned with my little soap biz over the last several years and trying to build something sustainable. Not get in over my head, not let it grow in a way that I can't continue on my own. Be aware of what I'm capable of.

Hope you are well Cat. Think of you often... xoxo

Catherine Ivins said...

Hey Lynn - Ugh - sorry to hear about Ed's health. I hope he feels better soon! Yes, that "selling everything and running away" - that about sums up life on Planet Earth. Will write more later. xo

Catherine Ivins said...

Janell! No clue why this was in spam rather than awaiting moderation! So sorry! I will have to check my spam daily on here. I never noticed it before since so much of the comments awaiting moderation are spam, I didn't realize there was also a separate category. Glad your mom's boyfriend is recovering. Age is sneaking up on us here, too. Happy to hear Amazon is coming together for you. So much work setting up. Beginnings are exciting and powerful times when we let ourselves slow down and appreciate them - I think I learned that from you! xo