Full Moon in Virgo | February 27, 2021 - divine justice, fix it or forget it, adjustments to our responsibilities, KNOWING we don't heal by ourselves or only ourselves




On Saturday, February 27, 2021 at 3:17AM EST, the Virgo Moon opposed the Pisces Sun at 8 degrees giving us this month's Full Moon - our annual Full Moon in Virgo.


Full Moons bring things to light, to peak energy, to a result, sometimes to a conclusion.

The Moon and Sun oppose from 8 degrees Virgo/Pisces. They exactly square asteroid Nemesis, who forms the focus of a mutable t-square. The Moon conjuncts (exact) asteroid Aphidas, trines Uranus (separating) and inconjuncts Chiron (in Aries). The Sun conjuncts (separating) beneficial Venus. Mercury, the ruler of Virgo and so the ruler of this lunation, has recently stationed direct, but is still covering old ground in Aquarius.


Is there such a thing as old ground in Aquarius, well, yes, yes there is actually! 


He/she (Mercury is a little hard to pin down in this respect) is strong enough in Aqua and conjunct beneficial Jupiter (applying for the THIRD TIME - third time's the charm?). In Aquarius, Mercury is answering to Saturn and Uranus, so they could be said to rule this new Moon by disposition. Saturn is in Aquarius, too, exactly conjunct asteroid Hybris. Uranus is in Taurus, trining the Moon, squaring Saturn and conjunct asteroid Koronis (another tested stand-in for the virus, applying). Mars is exactly conjunct asteroid Sedna (in Taurus) and they are squaring (separating) Pluto - the last man standing in Cappy. Uranus in Taurus is answering to Venus, exalted in Pisces and answering to Neptune in his own sign. Whew!

Take a breath. Grab a cup of something. Let's unpack this baby. 


Virgo is all about doing the right thing or doing the thing right. Virgo naturally rules our day to day activities, our work, our health. In Virgo we gain dignity and self respect from being good at something that is useful to other people (those who think Virgos are fussy or nitpicky, and they can be sometimes, are totally missing the point and also forgetting we all have Virgo in our charts).


The shadow for Virgo is the trap of perfectionism, criticism and "control" (Virgo's careful attention to detail and caring taken to a detrimental extreme) - something we learn in Virgo's polarity (opposite) sign of Pisces to release. In our hero's journey through the zodiac, there appears to be a whole lot of steps (and signs) between Virgo and Pisces, but being two sides of the same coin the distance is not so very far at all. The real vs the ideal/fantasy. What we can fix/heal vs what we just need to release/let go and let God.


A Full Moon in Virgo leaves no where for those pesky problems to hide. As the Sun is occulted, the Moon is showing us, through a Virgo lunar lens what the Sun is actually seeing in Pisces. A rare gift since Pisces is so illusive. Have we been looking through rose-colored glasses? Avoiding? Escaping? Sacrificing too much? Are there health/work issues we need to fix/heal/release? Chiron's aspects here (and Chiron might one day be said to rule Virgo) speak of our ability to see the way our very old woundings have contributed to where we now find ourselves. With Virgo/Pisces this could be something about seeing clearly our responses to reality and this being made plainly clear to us with whatever it takes - a late notice, clothes that don't fit, high blood pressure, work stresses. We might need to fix/edit or we might need to wave a white flag of surrender. It's a time to put down burdens that are no longer ours to carry OR stop avoiding/escaping from the service/work.

The Full Moon is just off that smooth trine to Uranus - change pushing us forward. Then she squares the Nodes - a choice - but the Moon is Full, so this shouldn't be a hard choice, at least not in the sense of knowing what to do. We do know what to do. Mercury is walking these Aqua degrees for the THIRD time. Whatever is unfinished - maybe because of this draining/reality tweaking Neptune square to the Nodes of Fate, good God when will this end?! - we need to be done with this thinking/overthinking. We probably need to focus on what is most productive. The nitty gritty. This is Virgo - what makes the most sense? Mercury is going to meet Jupiter - opportunity/luck/expansion - ONE FINAL TIME in the week ahead - third time's the charm folks - use it or lose it! 


We will talk about this more in the weekly.


The Asteroids are particularly interesting this month. Asteroid Nemesis is EXACTLY squaring the Moon/Sun from 8 degrees Sagittarius (somehow I printed this chart without her, but she's there!). In modern language usage nemesis speaks of an enemy/competitor and surely someone/something is playing that role now here, but the mythology of Goddess Nemesis is a bit different. She was said to be the Goddess of something like due enactment (karma) ensuring no one received too much of a good thing, that the goodies were more evenly disbursed and she was particularly focused on punishing acts of hubris. I also see her speaking of the way we feel the need to meet some rule in order to be "of service" or consider ourselves valuable/valued.


Nemesis brings us to asteroid Hybris (hubris) - Goddess of foolish pride/arrogance. She speaks of being called to account for stepping beyond the boundaries of the gods. But much is changing and this is a complex idea right now. So many people are afraid of their own power and fear being called narcissistic/selfish. We have been so conditioned to follow authority/to love/honor/obey. She is conjunct Saturn, so might we be doing reverse-hubris? Are we taking false humility too far both personally and collectively? Or do we really just need to be less of an asshole.

Another asteroid prominent at this Full Moon is asteroid Aphidas - a centaur, we talked about in a missing children post HERE. Killed by a thrown sword (after the centaurs drunken rampages at the wedding of Pirithous and Hippodamia) and known for his death while asleep, likely drunk and unlikely innocent - he is thought to possibly speak of 'not being spared' since he was no threat at the time he was killed. I also think he might speak of a part of us that is asleep to what we have previously done when the payment for that doing comes due. If you get what I mean. The Asteroids certainly provide a clearer picture, and somehow muddy the water at the same time, go figure.


The Full Moon in Virgo at its simplest, and its next aspect square to the Nodes bears this out, is about - defining the reality of the situation (here is what is illuminated) and asking ourselves if we can realistically improve/help to heal this situation and if the answer is yes, and it very well may be, especially if we have been working with and adjusting to the changes/disruptions - and then do whatever it is that needs to be done. And, if the answer is no, we can't fix this/heal this. And, let me say it this way - we can't REALISTICALLY fix this/heal this (this is a realistic Moon, put the rose-colored glasses in the drawer for this one) - then releasing this burden - what we can't have/can't fix/can't change - let go and let God. Either way an adjustment is needed to our responsibilities/burdens (the Saturn inconjunct in this chart) and the adjustment will bring greater freedom or needed change. What we don't need - the Mercury third time through Aquarius - is more overthinking/detachment/worry that keeps us stuck.  And with Mercury, ruler of this lunation, set to make one final play with expansive, optimistic and lucky Jupiter next week - some THIRD TIME'S THE CHARM good luck/good news with this one.

xo all

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