Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, February 18, 2021 - Pisces season rolls in, the Taurus Moon setting up next week's ambitions

The Moon is exalted in Taurus now - we are nurtured through our creature comforts, simplicity, touch, taking our time. She squared Jupiter while we slept (EST), sextiles (opportunity) imaginative Neptune at 2:29PM EST, squares ruler Venus at 6:21PM EST and meets Mars at 7:47PM EST. 


She goes void at 2:28AM EST and will be void until 11:04AM EST tomorrow morning when she moves into Gemini, predicting a communicative/busy weekend.


So, emotionally, today looks like a mixed bag. 


This is kind of setting up - the Moon in Taurus squaring Venus in Aquarius - tomorrow's Mars (in Taurus) squaring Venus which we talked about in the weekly HERE. The difference today is the Moon is exalted in Taurus (whereas Mars is weak), her square to Venus (relationships, money, women), should be less taxing. We can know our value/our worth here. When the Moon meets Mars tonight, we might feel more driven/productive and then there is that late night trine (brakes off) to powerful Pluto, an excellent way to end this Taurus Moon. Next week, Mars will be the one trining Pluto and we will have Mercury direct and things should feel more forward moving/stable. Tonight's Moon might provide a prequel.


Today is also the day the Sun moves into Pisces. He will be in Pisces until March 20th. 


This is the mutable season that carries us from winter (fixed air Aquarius) to spring (fiery initiating Aries). Pisces season enables a more physical involvement in the imaginative/intuitive realms. We can also require more rest - take this seriously. Keep in mind our Pisces natal house (maybe unless it is aspecting our Sun or we have certain Neptune placements) can be pretty well hidden from us. This is the area of life we run on intuition. Common sense/practical action doesn't really work. As the Sun travels through this house in our chart we get some CLARITY on what is going on here and maybe some fiery solar initiative becomes more useful. 


Keep in mind, because boundaries can be limiting but also make us less vulnerable - Pisces energy has no boundaries because it transcends reality. 


Fantasy, our dreams/imagination, our spirituality, our creativity, healing/recuperation, compassion - this is Pisces territory. And like all signs, Pisces negatives are always only the positives taken to an extreme - where fantasy becomes illusion/lies, recuperation/a need for connection becomes escape/addiction, compassion maybe martyrdom. Also keep in mind, our transiting Sun being boundary-less and all - it might be more easy to catch/absorb what the fellow next to us is putting out there - whether that be a lie, a virus or his/her mood.


Pisces is the last sign and always a good season to be releasing what is draining or fading. 


Or over-working us.

xo all

painting by the amazing Catrin Welz-Stein

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