Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, February 12, 2021 - taking practical action, giving our brain a rest, appreciating our imagination and intuition, getting comfortable with change


The Moon moved into dreamy Pisces while we slept. 


We are nurtured through our imagination now. Through illusion/delusion/spirituality/escape/rest. After the overload of yesterday's Aquarius New Moon, we need this more connecting and emotional energy now. Pray. Meditate. Make art/music. She will sextile (opportunity) change-maker Uranus (co-ruler of Aquarius and in Taurus, so favoring finances/resources/self-esteem) at 3:31PM EST. Sounds about right as we begin the Chinese Year of the Metal Ox.


Moon/Uranus can make us more comfortable with change/unusual situations and people. Pay attention to your intuition today. Fleeting sparks of genius can seep in/penetrate. Hang with smart people and you get smarter. This is also good energy, particularly in the wake of yesterday's potent New Moon, for breaking out - do something different or differently - of negative habits, passivity, tiredness, even grief.


Mars (at 19 degrees Taurus) trines Vesta in Virgo - part of our New Moon story. 


Good for taking practical action. Vesta is retrograde, so this could be about returning (maybe not quite to the drawing board) with something we once cared about/that once kept us up at night. One more action. Maybe one more fix. Trines are the best aspect in astrology and earth trines the most solid of all, things fall right into place. We won't have to push to make this happen, but just take some common-sense next step to clean something up/correct it/make it BETTER. Taurus can pull our money, resources, self-esteem into the mix. How can a focus here improve our situation. Neptune is opposing Vesta and the Moon has moved into dreamy Pisces, kind of diluting our focus/ambition, but if we can stay on task here and use the Neptune to dissolve what needs to be released, one solid thing can lead to another to another. 

xo all


photo by the talented CaitlinWorthington

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