Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, February 19, 2021 - challenging conversations and ideas shouldn't be avoided now, making a flexible choice, seeing multiple options, getting out of our head



The Moon is in Gemini now - we are nurtured through ideas/learning, conversations, variety, versatility, humor/logic, pairs of things, interactions within our local community, with our siblings, our tech/transportation, commerce (sounds random, but think about Mercury/Hermes, ruler of Gemini, our fleet footed and trickster messenger and about how ideas and other things spread). Her only aspect today, our important monthly First Quarter Square. The Gemini Moon squaring the Pisces Sun at 1:47PM EST.

Today is ripe with squares actually, but forewarned is forearmed!

The Gemini/Pisces square could indicate a tense conversation or information that comes in. We might want to escape/avoid, but we won't be able to and avoiding the tension of the First Quarter Square just mucks things up. We need to work through this. We might have to make a choice/decision. We might need to separate the Gemini facts/sets of things from the Piscean illusion/boundless whole. Mercury, ruler of Gemini, is still retrograde, so this might still be about needed revisions.


On the flipside and there's always at least two sides - this can be about us needing emotional connection. We need to get out of our own heads for awhile! We might try being more compassionate and less logical (like that recently-resigned mayor in Texas who said 'man it up' at precisely the wrong moment - knowing/feeling the difference between when to help/offer grace and when to stay detached is a skill much needed now).


The skies have moved from Aquarius to Pisces people - try and keep up.


Once we get clear here/work through the square/DECIDE we will be back in the monthly flow of the Moon. This isn't about making a firm stand because Mercury is still retrograde, but more about kind of guiding the energies - this is all mutable energy, decisions are SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Tomorrow the Gemini Moon is going to start trining (brakes off, smooth flow) the Aquarius planets, but we have to get through this square first. 


Avoiding a choice/decision/conversation now means the trines won't have anything solid to work with! There can be no smooth flow, if there's no water in the river. And keep in mind Gemini isn't really about narrowing anything down to just one thing - there can be multiple ways through here. Multiple ideas. Multiple answers. Multiple rivers.

This is also the day Venus squares Mars and Vesta squares Juno - so we are pushed and cornered on all fronts. Venus/Mars is more of the Aquarius/Taurus we have been dealing with this month. The Saturn/Uranus was more collective/big picture and today's energies are more immediate/personal. 


What we want vs what we have to do to get what we want. The future vs what we hold in our hands now. What we want to have later vs what we have right now. Freedom vs stability. The feminine vs the masculine. Air vs earth. Detachment vs getting our hands in the dirt. This one can cut either way. Actions to hold onto something can work against our need for greater freedom/space/the future or a new/unusual attraction can work against our efforts to create something solid/stable or keep what we have now. 

At the same time a retrograde Vesta has backed into her exact square with Juno. This is more mutable energy, but this time Virgo/Sagittarius. With Vesta retrograde we will be back here again around the middle of June, so this one needs some time to iron out. Vesta in Virgo is focused on healing/fixing. But maybe focused Vesta in focused Virgo is too focused on what is going wrong and can't see what is going right. Juno (our partnerships, contracts, commitments, women) is in Sagittarius bringing some big-picture hope/optimism/greener pastures over there. She can see what is/can be going right, but is maybe avoiding the thing that needs fixing. What to do with this one? Well, this will be a process and happening at the time of the First Quarter Square - again will indicate a need to make a choice/have a conversation, stay flexible. With the Moon in Gemini multiple things can work - maybe a two pronged approach is needed. If this is a partnership thing with one partner obsessed with what is wrong and one partner being more optimistic, but maybe avoiding the problem altogether - the tension of this/the need to do SOMETHING/make some progress with this, will be felt now.

Not an easy day, but the tension/frustration is NEEDED. Last week's Aquarius New Moon was mega-charged - and lands with TWO FULL MOONS in Aquarius next summer. Here is where we meet our first challenge/get to review our progress.


We don't want to be skipping steps/falling asleep at the wheel.

We know the Gemini Moon is about communication/information, so DON'T avoid that now. 


Keep your eyes open. Stay flexible (good advice for slipping on ice now, too, think - fall like a drunk/toddler and now that I see the words drunk/toddler, my use of the back slash is annoying even me - not sure how you, dear reader, put up with it). 


We've got this thing.

xo all

painting by the talented Caitlin Southwick

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