Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 22nd - 28th, 2021 - the go ahead, practical action, courage, fortune favors the bold, plus a Full Moon in Virgo

A week without any outer planet squares or oppositions - am I still on planet Earth? And Mercury is direct now? And Venus meets the Sun at the Full Moon while Jupiter trines the North Node?


Well, before we get too excited (but definitely, let's get excited) we know with a Full Moon in Virgo at the end of the week, the Moon will be in Leo by mid-week, so bringing the drama/ego challenges (Taurus squares and Aquarius oppositions). That's OK. This week still looks better than what we had been dealing with earlier in February. 


We will take it. Grab it. With both hands. And if it runs through our fingers like water, that's OK, too (we will just spritz on some hand sanitizer and keep going). It's Pisces season. We are flexible now/rolling with the punches. Going with the flow.


WEDNESDAY - Mars trine Pluto

THURSDAY - Sun sextile Uranus, Venus into Pisces

SATURDAY - Full Moon in Virgo (8 degrees), Jupiter trine North Node

Let's unpack the week!

WEDNESDAY - Mars (at 25 degrees Taurus) trines Pluto


Mars in Taurus has been fighting for comfort/to hold onto what we have or what we value/trying to maintain. He has finally untangled himself from all the Aquarius squares. Whew. Now, as he (as we) moves steadily, without all the static, through his last week in Taurus, he trines (brakes off) powerful Pluto at 25 degrees Capricorn.


This is ambitious, practical energy. Courage.


If we have been working our way through those squares, here is where our actions (Mars) will be enabled/aided by people in power (Pluto). Our efforts are potent/useful. Stepping into our power now - pays off. Progress. This can also be about transformations/purging within our Capricorn house that result in real world progress now/results that pay off in our Taurus house.

THURSDAY - the Sun (at 7 degrees Pisces) sextiles Uranus while Venus enters Pisces

Here's where having our Sun in the mutable sign of Pisces is already helping us. Here is an opportunity to change/channel the future. Maybe it is through releasing our attachment to whatever is drifting/dissolving or just by resting/relaxing - we can more easily connect with the opportunities for freedom/change/the future that the Sun is bringing to light. Forgiveness/compassion/idealism spreads. Technology's edges blur. Something new/innovative/forward leaning comes to light. Pisces brings the flexibility and Uranus the change. This will be different than we planned. Stay flexible. 


Your early Pisces house and your early Taurus houses are super-charged now, what will you do with this? 


Venus (art, beauty, women, values, money) moves into Pisces (imagination, dreams, compassion, connection) today, settles into a comfy spot at the Pisces party, most certainly in the center of everything or I should say wherever she settles becomes the center of everything.

She is the most beautiful woman in the room and the space in each of us that carries the energy of attraction. Mars goes after what he wants, Venus draws it to her. Her fierce beauty (I wouldn't dare call her pretty and she quite often isn't) has toppled empires and created dynasties. 


Within the otherworldly realms of Pisces BIG magic is possible. Venus will be in Pisces until March 21st.

Pisces Sun people and Pisces rising people become more attractive now, (how have we never noticed how blue your eyes are or how deep your voice?). All of our Pisces houses become more attractive, too. And all of us attract what we want by working through Pisces - our Pisces natal house theme and through our ability to show compassion, create beauty, honor feelings, stay emotionally open, use our imaginations. In Aquarius it was our differences that attracted people and situations to us, in Pisces it is our ability to believe and honor our commonality.

Venus is exalted in Pisces. Her love/charm is endless. She can work her magic here. 

She expands relationships, money and self-esteem. Opportunities increase. Resistance dissolves. 

The tricky part of Venus in Pisces is we need to know what we want now. We need to know our values. Our lines in the sand. Because the lines between us and other people, between acceptance and avoidance, between our money and their money, between love and 'what was I thinking' - will blur.

In Pisces, things that look too good to be true usually almost always are. And what flows in can flow right back out again. But if we set boundaries - what is ok, what is not ok - and release our expectations that outcomes must go a specific way - this is wonderful energy for more beauty, love and money to move into our lives. The irony with Venus in Pisces is that although we can attract more love and money those things often will feel less important now.

SATURDAY - Jupiter (at 16 degrees Aquarius) trines the North Node and the Pisces Sun opposes the Virgo Moon - giving us this month's Full Moon, our annual Full Moon in Virgo (last year's Full Moon in Virgo was with the Sun on Neptune, March 9th, the virus/fear of virus/news coverage of the virus was exploding). My favorite sign actually.

Jupiter trines the North Node at 16 degrees Gemini and sextiles the South Node at 16 degrees Sagittarius. Faith. Optimism. Expansion. 

The Full Moon we will unpack in her own post.

Keep in mind, Mars (the trigger) is moving over Sedna, the natal U.S. Wuhan/Pandora conjunction, fixed star Algol, this week, too, at the same time all the virus significators we've worked with over the last year are interacting with the U.S. natal chart. 


We'll talk about that, too.

xo all

painting by the talented Ingrid Silva

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