Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | February 15th - February 21st, 2021 - relationships and money re-inventions/endings/beginnings, the old vs the new, the boys vs the girls, decisions, moving on and moving forward



Let's jump right in and unpack the week!


MONDAY - Venus trines the North Node, Juno conjuncts the South Node

WEDNESDAY - Saturn squares Uranus 

THURSDAY - Sun into Pisces

FRIDAY - Venus squares Mars, First Quarter Moon (1 degree Gemini/Pisces)

SATURDAY - Mercury stations direct (11 degrees Aquarius)

SUNDAY - Ceres into Aries 

MONDAY - Venus, at 17 degrees Aquarius trines the North Node in Gemini

Venus themes - love, relationships, money, resources, our values/self-esteem - progress smoothly. What we want now/how we attract what we want - is pulling us into future/away from the past. With Venus in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus (so in mutual reception), this is super-charged. 


Change can be sudden. Things we didn't used to want, well now we do - and here we go. We could move rapidly into a new way to make money/new values/new love and/or just as rapidly find ourselves needing to step away from something we are no longer able to force ourselves into alignment with/hence liberation and change. Trines are smooth flow, but anything Aquarius can be a little jarring. Aquarius/Gemini are airy/mental signs, so this will be more about logic/facts than some uber emotional thing. And keep in mind, trines are effortless - tune into what you want. 


Stay open to the unexpected/unusual.

At the same time, Juno, a HUGE player in 2020 - our primary relationships/marriage/commitments/contracts tested - meets the South Node in Sagittarius. What/who needs to go? What commitments/contracts need to end? What beliefs have we committed to that are keeping us stuck? Time to say bye-bye and cut those cords.

WEDNESDAY - Saturn, at 7 degrees Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus

This is our BIG three-peating challenge of 2021. 


This first square is happening at 7 degrees, so people with planets/points near 7 degrees of the fixed signs - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius - will feel this first square strongest. Since Jupiter met Saturn back on the winter solstice and the world started up again (I know, I think I missed this 'starting up again' thing, too, but the astro shows it did, so it did) we have been in this kind of push/pull expansion/contraction world. January's expansion/explosions bringing February's contractions/reality checks. We kind of get the whole year in two months and then we spend the rest of the year re-living it/ironing it out.


Jupiter wants to expand the collective/push us into the future. Saturn, strong in Aquarius the sign he co-rules, brings the reality checks/limits. Now, Saturn moves into his exact square with Aqua's other co-ruler Uranus (busy disrupting our money, values, self-esteem for the last couple years). This is a fixed square between chaos/change and stability - the new vs the old. The future vs the past. Your Taurus house theme is changing/won't be fenced in. Your Aquarius house theme is kind of laying down the law. Yes, this all sounds ass-backwards and it is and this is why we all feel so unstable. We'll talk about this in more detail in its own series. 


We won't get the final Saturn/Uranus square until December, so this story-line will be in play all year.


Note - these Saturn/Uranus squares of 2021 are the third quarter squares - so the WANING SQUARES - in a Saturn/Uranus cycle birthed when they met each other conjunct the Galactic Center (29 degrees Sagittarius) back in February 1988 and won't wrap up until 2032.

THURSDAY - the Sun leaves Aquarius, the sign of his detriment, and moves into dreamy Pisces


I once knew alot of Pisces people and noticed Pisces are particularly proud of their Sun signs. I have never known a Pisces who would rather be anything else. Maybe it's because they are the last sign, I don't know. But Pisces really seem to like being Pisces. This time of year when the Sun moves into Pisces, we all start burning Pisces fuel, feel a little bit of what it's like to be a Pisces - we get more sensitive, more intuitive, more imaginative/artistic, more spiritual/connected, hopefully more compassionate. Often we need more rest. It's like we all get a taste of a 12th house Sun for a while and need to find ways to rejuvenate 


(we are also more likely to have childhood memories pop up to deal with and past life memories, if you resonate with that, any addictions/escapist tendencies can get our attention now, too). 

Of course, we still have our natal (and progressed Sun signs) running the show, but we get a little high-octane Pisces magic in our tank, too. The Sun acts kind of like an engine moving us forward and it makes perfect sense that it rules Leo - the sign of our heart (engine). 

The sun teaches us that doing what is in our heart and doing what is required of us is actually the same thing. 

We get this stuff confused because we think doing what's in our heart will make us happy


That's not always true. 


The sun's light may be very bright and feel really good sometimes, but the sun's light burns, too. 


Following our heart doesn't guarantee a happy life; it does guarantee an authentic one though. At the end of our days in rocking chairs or hospital beds we will be content with what we have done.

How does Pisces energy work with your Sun sign? Give that one a think.

FRIDAY - Venus, at 23 degrees Aquarius, squares Mars in Taurus and we have the First Quarter Square Moon in Gemini

Venus/Mars is another one of these Aquarius/Taurus squares that are dominating February. Again, the future/the disorder (but also liberation) that comes with change vs stability/security/the rules. Venus has just trined the North Node and she's like 'here is this unusual, for me, thing I want now and the Universe is all on board', and Mars is like, 'I am over here struggling to keep what we have/keep this boat afloat dammit'. Tension. Frustration. We could come across as too pushy or maybe we get too focused on what we want/want to keep. This is what we want vs what we have to do to get what we want being at cross-purposes somehow. The feminine energy and the masculine energy not playing so well in the sandbox.

At the same time, the Moon is moving through versatile/multi-tasking/communicative Gemini now and moves into a fast square with that new Pisces Sun. Here is our first challenge after last week's New Moon in Aquarius, designed to bring CLARITY through learning and intuition. Gemini/Pisces. Fast thinking/give me the facts Gemini is annoyed by Pisces sensitivity/dreaminess. Sensitive/other-worldy Pisces is annoyed by Gemini's objectivication. These are both ambiguous/versatile signs, so can't ignore each other. Gemini naturally wants to categorize and break things down and Pisces naturally wants to absorb/connect. Squares are tension/frustration/challenges.


The bottom line here is THE NEED TO CHOOSE. The reality/the future is calling. We can't keep dreaming our life away. Can we? What we decide now will have alot to say with what transpires at this year's Full Moon in Virgo on February 27th. This is the facts/our smarts vs our dreams/intuition - as always, we get to choose. Just keep in mind, Gemini is the sign of the North Node (our best path forward) this year, so we probably want to be integrating the powerful Pisces WITHOUT losing ourselves in any kind of lalaland. Also, keep in mind, this is all happening at 1 degree, so will have a ways to go, whatever we decide.

SATURDAY - Mercury stations direct at 11 degrees Aquarius. YAY! We now begin one final pass over 11- 26 degrees Aquarius before we start covering completely new ground in March. Whatever slowed down or got delayed around the end of January is MOVING FORWARD. Here we go! This can super-charge our New Moon agenda big time. 

SUNDAY - Ceres, after months and month and months in Pisces, following directly on the heels of Mercury with her retrograde (and keep in mind Ceres and Mercury were two of the players in that Saturn/Pluto 'time runs out' back in January 2020 and have been running a tag team through Pisces, the sign of viruses for the last year) finally gets into Aries. When I was looking ahead from last summer for some 'weakening' scenarios to the virus, this 'Ceres exits Pisces' thing was one of the things I thought we should be looking for. Well, here she goes. Fingers crossed. Good news, even though we now have the Sun in Pisces kind of shining a light on the virus. Maybe this is good since viruses don't do so well in the light.


The ramifications/our response/the restrictions - with Saturn, the sign of authority/limits in Aquarius, the sign of the people and also the sign of technology - isn't going away anytime soon, I would suspect. Although with Ceres (nurturing) out of limitless Pisces and into 'let go of the baby's hand or he'll never learn to walk' Aries - a need for independence/initiative, some of that should lessen, too.

Now, that the Sun is out of Aquarius, with Venus and then Mercury soon to follow (breaking up the fixed squares), some of these January/February stresses will start to ease.


Next week we have some helpful trines and sextiles and collectively March looks way easier (keeping in mind I can't see your personal chart


than January's explosions and February's retractions - which I wrote about back in December and amazingly have played out precisely this way in the collective and probably in our personal lives, too. Astrology is amazing stuff, although we always have to keep in mind we are looking at it through our own eyes, with our own biases, etc.  

Hang in there everyone, spring will be here ... eventually.

xo all

Note - Trump's impeachment trial - started on a Void Moon, as we talked about in an earlier post - didn't amount to anything. With Mercury retrograde in Aqua though, somehow the re-look process still needed to be done, but this week we are MOVING ON from that, too! 

photo by the talented Miguel-Santos

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