Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, February 2, 2021 - smart contracts and contacts, hope, expansion, balance, cooperation, getting fired up together



The Moon continues her journey through Libra. We are nurtured through beauty and balance and fairness and love and our relationships. She trined the Aquarius Sun at 5:49AM EST while both the Sun and the Moon sextile (opportunity) Juno, at 13 degrees Sagittarius. 

The Moon/Sun is this month's Waning Trine. Libra/Aquarius. Your Libra and Aquarius houses, always in flow, both now occupied by the Moon and the Sun, are more powerful. Social activities are favored. Our primary relationships/beauty/women/fairness/balance/cooperation and our groups/causes/the future/the goals that bring us into connection with other people are working together.

That sextile to an optimistic Juno (echoing the relationship focus today) speaks of an opportunity within a partnership, contract or agreement. The Beatles song, "we can work it out" is popping into my head here.


The key to today, because we are dealing with air signs (with an equal helping of Sag enthusiasm/fire tossed into the mix) is probably to come together from a higher less emotional space and then allow the Sag fire to expand the energy/heat it up. Today's aspects are fleeting, but potent. The Sun's sextile to Juno being the longest lasting - expansion within our relationships, hope, adding something foreign into the mix/the relationship/the contract/the agreement.


The airy/light Sun and Moon line up with fiery Juno and the breeze can catch fire!


xo all 

photo by the talented Make-A-Wish

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