Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | February 8th - 14th, 2021 - MEGA New Moon in Aqua, sudden insights, detaching and manning up to group responsibilities are healing, asking the right questions, reaching out again, something is coming unstuck


MONDAY - Sun conjunct retro Mercury

TUESDAY - Saturn sextile Chiron

WEDNESDAY - retro Mercury trine North Node, retro Mercury square Mars

THURSDAY - New Moon in Aquarius (23 degrees), Venus conjunct Jupiter

SATURDAY - retro Mercury conjunct Venus, Mars sextile Neptune

There is a MEGA heavy concentration of Aquarius planets this week.


We haven't seen anything like this since February 5, 1962, the date astrologer/psychic Jeane Dixon announced was the birth of the anti-Christ. She saw the anti-Christ as an actual person, but hindsight being 20/20 and all, maybe this was the start of a computer program/hardware/something that took us in a different direction with technology? I penpaled with her a couple times when I was a kid, since this was my birthday (not the year) to assure myself I wasn't this anti-Christ fellow she warned of. She was quite nice to me.


Aquarius in our chart is where we need to be different/stand apart, be ourselves, and recognize how we connect (or don't) to the group, but our nervous systems aren't used to this kind of high-powered BLAST - so you may need to unplug more often now and get outside/go inside. I had to step offline a couple days last week - the reason for the crickets around here.


Also keep in mind with all this smart and future-focused Aqua, brilliant ideas are the low-hanging fruit now, so PAY ATTENTION.

Let's take a quick look at the week sans the Moons!

MONDAY- a moment of CLARITY


The Sun (in Aquarius) meets a retrograde Mercury at 20 degrees. This is the Sun/Mercury inferior conjunction at the halfway point of Mercury's retrograde process (kind of like their New Moon). A moment of clarity. A time "to see what we are thinking". A new manifestation cycle - thoughts becoming things - begins. Mercury is retrograde, so can be a trickster here, and we've been here before, but in Aquarius, we will likely be advancing something/taking it further


Here is an answer/result/idea/conversation/information flavored with Aquarian detachment/brilliance/stubbornness/future or group-focus. Mercury is translating Aqua energy into words and perceptions. 


We can be shaken up/out of a rut now.


This is the time of AHA! moments that are not blurred by teary eyed sentiment/emotions. 

And keep in mind Mercury has just met Pallas on SUNDAY, so he is smarter now. His/her strategies/plans more innovative/cutting edge. Also keep in mind Mercury is retrograde - so this is a time of re-thinking, re-viewing, re-doing - the dots, that Pallas so famously connects are not through re-arranging themselves. We need to stay somewhat flexible even as Aquarius (fixed air) is wanting to nail this all down.

TUESDAY - detaching/focusing on the future to HEAL

Saturn (at 6 degrees Aquarius) sextiles wounded healer Chiron (at 6 degrees Aries). The Aquarius/Aries sextile (opportunity) is all about individuality/independence. This is healing by detaching from what is raw/easily triggered. Saturn in Aquarius is also about our karma with group/collective responsibilities, so there is something healing now, by doing the work there. Big girl/big boy pants on. Yes, they can be sweat pants.

WEDNESDAY - the right words and also an argument/tension/stumbling block, working the process

Now, our retrograde Mercury (18 degrees Aquarius) trines the North Node in Gemini and then, moving backward, squares Mars at 17 degrees Taurus. 

So, we got the IDEA/result/clarity/information - whatever enlightenment the Sun gave Mercury earlier in the week - and now here is where it pulls us smoothly into the future. Mercury rules the North Node, and the trine is astro's best aspect, so this is POWERFUL. This is all air - so the right conversation happens at just the right time, the book we need to read falls off the shelf. Just keep in mind what the North Node in Gemini is all about - asking questions and not being so sure we have all the answers, staying flexible, keeping it local/small enough to pivot as needed - we are going to get this aspect again in early March with Mercury direct, so this is a process. 


A few hours later, Mercury is going to square Mars. 


Here is an old argument/obstacle/tension. This is a repeating aspect from January 8th. We might have to fight for what we think/have/need. Mars is in Taurus, busy trying to hold onto what he (as we) has - working toward stability. Our actions are geared toward our sustenance/survival/slow and steady growth/what is comforting. Maybe Mercury is coming in with these far-out ideas ahead of her time and Mars is like, hold on a minute - do we have the existing resources/self-esteem for this? What would I have to change? This is a fixed square, so no one wants to budge. With Mercury in Aquarius this can also be a surprising realization/news that upsets our hard-earned stability. 


Mercury is going to meet Taurus ruler Venus at the end of this week, so there is some ironing-out going to happen as we move forward. Venus is in Aquarius so leaning into the future, too, and she will be coming off her own meeting with expansive/big-picture Jupiter before Mercury backs into her. And keep in mind this is all happening in the outer world and in our world and in our own heads/bodies. Working through the tangles/frustration is part of the process. And, of course, this will be colored by our natal house placements, so FOR EXAMPLE if you are a Scorpio rising, all this Aquarius focus is impacting your 4th house of home, family, family business, home business, mother, etc - and being squared by your partnership house which is less predictable/stable than it used to be!


We have to remember these Taurus squares from the Aqua planets are not what they would have been a couple years ago because now we have Uranus (Aqua's co-ruler of chaos) in steady-Eddie Taurus (which is now just Eddie and not so steady) shaking this stuff up. 


The squares to Aquarius can be the final push needed to break something that has been stuck (maybe for lifetimes) FREE.


THURSDAY - the Aquarius Moon meets the Aquarius Sun giving us this month's New Moon!


Here is the BIG New Moon in Aquarius (our 4th!! New Moon at 23 degrees, this time conjunct a couple tricky fixed stars, again with Eris at 23 degrees Aries and this time with Vesta at 23 degrees Libra conjunct fixed star Spica) with a MEGA stellium in Aquarius to power it up including Venus and Jupiter who are EXACT. There is a wide square to Mars here, which I think, gives us just enough stress/tension for the impossible to be made more possible. And keep in mind Mercury is retrograde so there will be revisions, reviews of whatever gets started now, later on. The Aquarius space in our chart is where we are getting the chance to re-write EVERYTHING. Everything? Yes, I think so!

Expect a BIG POST!

SATURDAY - talking about what we want, making the dream real


Now a retrograde Mercury backs into Venus at 14 degrees Aquarius and at the same time Mars (at 19 degrees Taurus now) is sextiling Neptune in Pisces. All the inner planets are active, so we should all be feeling this. This connects us back to tenser energies earlier in the week, but now instead of Mars running interference for Mercury and Venus, they are together and he is off playing nice with Neptune.


Venus in Aquarius lets us step back from what we think we want and sometimes this detaching thing creates a kind of vacuum that allows what we need - which might look quite a bit different from what we were thinking or maybe it doesn't, Aquarius is quite unpredictable - to come through. After her meeting with Jupiter she is feeling more expansive/open. Mercury, on the other hand, has just squared off with Mars, so is kind of just past this tension/frustration involving our resources, money, self-esteem. He/she has been through quite a bit this week and is no doubt soothed by Venus. Time to say it again? Reach out again? Maybe. Plus, of course Mars is off making opportunistic connections to dreamy Neptune - his actions/routines to stabilize out security/comfort working very well with 'the dream'. Earth and water are fertile/can create very solid things and Mercury/Venus in Aqua is alot of air, but this isn't a flighty kind of energy. Aquarius, fixed air, and co-ruled by Saturn (strong in Aquarius now) is long lasting.  


Coming right after, and as part of, this week's BIG New Moon speaks well for real THINGS (with wings) to be PLANTED in fertile ground.


One caveat with all the Aquarius this week (the Sun leaves Aquarius next week and this starts to break up) besides the 'deep-fry our brains' part, and take this from an Aquarian Sun person with an Aquarius stellium, Aquarius wants/needs to ADVANCE and to be different. And this focus on advancement/being different can sometimes make us lose sight of 'do we want/need to do this advancing or this different thing' in the first place. Because we can do it, does this mean we should do it? When we are truly stuck, any change can be good. But will it be? I'm not sure. But, I am choosing to believe, yes. 


Yes, it is. Sometimes new is enough.


Maybe since our current circumstances have required we become VERY STUCK, it now takes a VERY BIG DOSE of Aquarius liberation to UNSTICK US. We are wired into some very high frequency energy right now - particularly our Aquarius house theme (natal and progressed) - some kind of 'shake-up' is needed. 

Keep in mind the big-picture, which yes, I need to get a post up about! The Age of Aquarius 2021 battle (first exact square next week!) between Saturn and Uranus as power gets re-distributed which is really what chaos is always all about anyway .... it's becoming clearer and clearer to us all the crap that isn't working. We are going to have to change everything, andon the other hand, and yes, we always get two -  the world is the best it's ever been and we should be extremely cautious about what we toss out. Also, Mercury is going to meet Jupiter on Valentine's Day, so the potential for more good news! Maybe old opportunities coming back around. 


Let's look up, that's where everything is happening anyway.

xo all


if anyone needs to know where all this Aqua is hitting their chart hit me up with an email with birth info (I will probably have it, if I have looked at something for you before) and I will take a quick look and let you know the house and house themes - cativins@gmail.com

photo by the talented Ceecore

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