Today's Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Wednesday, February 24, 2021 - taking action, taking control, even with all the challenges right now something falls into place when we do



The Moon is void until 7:3AM EST when she moves into fun-loving, generous and egoic Leo. Here is where we are nurtured by standing out, being creative, getting attention, romance, children, recreation. With all the Aquarius and Taurus energy challenging Leo right now, our Leo Moon can't be her gregarious self. She will square Uranus at 8:49PM EST and oppose Saturn at 9:52PM EST. She will continue the oppositions and squares into Friday morning when she goes void off a square with Mars at 6:32AM EST. 

So, the Moon is having these Leo/Aquarius challenges - how we stand out/how we enjoy or create, etc vs collective/group needs. We want to have fun/follow our heart, but we have these restrictions/responsibilities. She also is having Taurus squares pulling our actions/change and our money, resources, values and self-esteem into the mix. There are lots of ways this can show up. This is your natal/progressed Leo,  Aquarius and Taurus house themes at play (and yes, the play may not be so much fun).

Before the Moon makes any of these aspects she will inconjunct our Pisces Sun. This happened while we slept last night EST, and influences the day.


Our monthly waxing inconjunct. This time - Leo/Pisces. Inconjuncts are rocks and hard places. They don't fit. Pisces soft touch/compassion can be an entrance into Leo's generosity and certainly Leo would never get close enough to be vulnerable without Pisces, but mostly these guys' attributes are kind of at cross-purposes. This might show up now as a need to be appreciated for something we have been sacrificing for. Being part of our monthly lunar story we know this is important as we build toward this week's Full Moon. We need to be flexible. Work both sides of the personal/universal themes here.

The good news today, and the way through the lunar challenges, is the Mars/Pluto trine (brakes off) at 6 degrees Taurus/Capricorn. This is powerful. Keep in mind Mars is the lower octave of Pluto making this particularly potent. Pluto pulls our martian action, initiative, anger, aggression down into the darkness and makes us stronger. Aligns us with our unconscious motivations. Our actions align with our obsessions - and this sounds like trouble and it can be, but not this time. This time it is needed. WHAT DO YOU FEEL COMPELLED TO DO? And why do we really want to do this/hold onto this? The resistance fades (trines should be smooth/easy) as we understand what was once hidden. 


We get it now. 


This is an earth trine, so we still need to be practical/do the work, but things will fall into place when we do. When we step into our power/take control of what we can control. This particular Mars/Pluto story actually kicked off back in late March 2020. NOW we have reached the point where we have more control/a deeper understanding of Mars/Pluto's part in the 2020's (the decade not the year) restructuring of our life ....

This is ambitious/courageous energy. 


On a more basic level (because everything is happening on multiple levels) this can be about taking action with a Plutonian theme - merged money, other people's money/resources, taxes, insurance, inheritances, sex, reproduction, what needs to be purged, life/death or a Cappy theme - our career and work in the world. For example, my hub's business closed last year. It's been a long process to figure out it won't be re-opening. The loose ends are tangling us/strangling us more than the actual lost business at this point, so any action we can take now to tidy up these ends (for example I am closing the business bank account today and moving the money into our personal account) is a good idea. Productive. Powerful. Moves things forward. This doesn't have to be some big thing, but the thing that looks like a small thing won't really be a small thing, if that makes sense.


More in the weekly on the trine HERE.

xo all

painting by the talented Todd Baxter

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