Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, February 9th, 2021 - get it done early, a healing opportunity if we are willing to address the wound, starting to get antsy



The Moon continues her travels through Capricorn now - nurtured through taking things seriously, older people, having beans in the cupboard and dollars in the bank.

She sextiled Neptune at 1:54AM EST and then goes void off a meet up with Pluto at 12:21PM EST. What a relief for the Moon not to have that Cappy pile-up to deal with when she is in her detriment anymore! This day is good for business, taking care of responsibilities, dealing with authority/stepping into our own. The Moon is balsamic now, dark, winding things down. What do you need to finish? Get off your desk/plate/mind? The Moon will be void until 8:20PM EST when she moves into Aquarius in preparation for this week's New Moon.

This week is all about Mercury retrograde - what we are re-doing, re-vising, re-imagining, re-thinking. The past is alive. The impeachment trial begins today in the United States - during the Void Moon! But we have the sextile of Saturn (in Aquarius) and Chiron (in Aries) - active all week/exact today - a healing opportunity if we are willing to address the wound. And that is what we are doing, although legislators may think they are doing something else.

We are moving toward tomorrow's exact (in play now, and Mars often feels more potent as he is applying than exact) - Mercury/Mars square as Mercury backs into 17 degrees Aquarius and squares Mars at 17 degrees Taurus. News/information.conversations/decisions challenge us. This likely has its roots in the past. We could be triggered/pissed off. Antsy/agitated. Or other people will be, so keep a cool head. Drive safely. Be aware of your words/actions in group situations. We might feel pushed or pushy. Maybe pushed to do something. We can probably expect we will have to put more energy into what we want or we might decide through the square, it's not really worth doing/thinking anymore. With Mercury retrograde we are working the process.  See the weekly HERE for more on the square.


March and April look easier collectively and keep in mind alot of what is happening in January and February will impact most of the year. The January explosions creating the need for February retractions.


For today, get important stuff done early before that Void Moon and save Void Moon time for the routine matters you do all the time, or things you would like "nothing to come of". 


The Moon in Cappy can feel depressing for some people (others get more goal-oriented/ambitious and who is who depends on other factors sometimes out of our control), it's dark now and needs rest - we do, too - and with so much in Aquarius, answering to Saturn and opposing the sunnier days of Leo - make some time for fun (and sun - those Vitamin D chewables aren't quite the same thing, are they?). I have been making these livingroom Escape Rooms (which are these kind of stressful puzzles, but since I am making them and not solving them, no stress for me - ack). Do what you have to do to step away from any heaviness when you can. We will get through this guys. Together and alone. It's written in the stars. Truly.

BIG New Moon post next and then a Big Picture (chaos redistributes power, first Uranus/Saturn square next week).

xo all

photo by the amazing LichtReize

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