Saturn vs Uranus 2021 | the astrology of the battle for the Age of Aquarius - part I - when death creates life, the redistribution of power



The BIG repeating aspect of 2021 is the Saturn/Uranus square as Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus. 


The first square in this series of three is today, February 17th. They square again on June 14th with Saturn retrograde and finally on December 24th (Merry Christmas Eve - what did Biden just say about back to normal by Christmas) with Uranus retrograde - so this aspect is in play pretty much all year. And we have been feeling it for awhile.


Saturn and Uranus are the unlikely co-rulers of Aquarius. Father and son in myth, their relationship ended when Saturn (the son) killed Uranus (the father) symbolically bringing order (Saturn) to chaos (Uranus).


In 2021 they battle, again, this time with Saturn in Aquarius - new rules/limits/responsibilities particularly within the collective/the group/with technology/the future, but also new solutions to very old problems. And with Uranus in Taurus - changes with what we own/value, to how we make and use money/our resources, changes with our self-esteem and our physical environment/the planet.


With Saturn/Uranus we could be feeling restricted/antsy. A sudden or unexpected challenge/result could happen now. This could be a consequence of some erratic (don't fence me in) or disorderly/unreliable behavior on our part or someone else's. Or maybe we can see now the hard earned results/culmination of something innovative/future or group focused. Whatever this is, coming through the challenging energy of the square, it feels like tension/frustration/anxiety.


Saturnian aspects are kind of like tests. With Saturn in Aquarius, our responsibilities to the collective are a focus/being tested. As well as authority's restrictions on the collective - a focus AND being tested. With Uranus in Taurus, our hive-mind memories of collective and personal trauma around our values, our security, our resources, our money and self-esteem are being shaken/not stirred. 


With a worldwide pandemic and the response/results/restrictions - no need to guess how this is showing up. We are all in this together.


Big picture - Uranus is chaotic (and pre-dates structure/Saturn) and chaos is always about the re-distribution of power. Authority is challenged. And rebelliousness/freedom is limited. With both planets strong here, and Uranus pretty much unpredictable, it's anyone's guess how this will all play out. We are in the final/early stages of the birth of the Age of Aquarius, maybe the birth-canal part - pre-Pluto in Aquarius when the power moves to the people (if we handle this right) - what kind of baby we are birthing is still being determined. I am hoping for one who sleeps through the night, eats her vegetables and doesn't say she hates me when she turns thirteen.

This year's Saturn/Uranus square is the CLOSING square cycle of a longer cycle that started back on February 12, 1988 (ran through 1989) when they met at 28 degrees Sagittarius (conjunct the Galactic Center - homing signal, seat of creation in our Milky Way Galaxy). The cycle closes out (and a new one begins) on June 28, 2032 when they meet again at 27 degrees Gemini - so almost exactly opposing where they started.


We are going to take our time unpacking this in a series of posts, because time we got folks and these Aqua planets have totally zapped my Aquarius stellium energy. This one isn't going anywhere anytime soon. We'll start with this week's chart and then reverse course back to the beginning in 1988. 


Does that make sense? Probably not, we might have to zig and zag.


Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus is unpredictable - there is no way to know how 2021 (and this aspect continues into 2022) is going to play out. As long as we don't expect the future to look like the past (it won't), keep an open mind and open heart - we will be OK. More than OK. We are going to thrive in this new landscape. We were made for these times. Truly. Even though, I know, many of us right now are feeling like we weren't. Me, too. We are really not supposed to know what we are doing right now - the North Node is in Gemini - it is a time of questions. And, yes, I realize this 'not knowing' thing means making decisions and even knowing what is 'true' is a hell of alot harder - yes, that's how it is. And it's nothing more than just that. Just how it is.

For now, the tension/frustration/anxiety is creating a need for change. Pushing us to change something. Expect it will be hard to focus. Hard to feel stable. That's how this time is supposed to feel. Here in the United States the weather is especially cold and wet and sustained - all these Aquarius planets! Some power grids (Uranus rules electricity) are stopped (Saturn). Interesting that Texas has its own power grid to avoid dealing with authority and now it is down. Frozen wind turbines sound pretty Aquarius, too!


We are feeling even more frozen in place. Is this possible? Can an icicle get any icier?

Keep in mind where we are - hexagram 23, Stripping Away - we talked about this HERE

In the I Ching, "returning" (hexagram 24) follows the stripping away. 

In winter nothing moves or grows, but there is an aliveness/a holy thunder dwelling quietly at the center of the Earth awaiting the warmer grounds of spring. We are the same as the Earth. In ancient days the kings (and the weather) contained people's impulse to rush out and resume business as usual during these times, so that the energy for growth would not be squandered in the depths of winter. The same is happening to us now.

This is a turning point on our path, a moment of forced stillness to turn inward and listen for little visions and inklings of awareness. To nurture the seeds of our personal sense of direction. 


We can't blow it. Don't worry. This 'rising from our sweaty death bed sheets' is both an instantaneous thing and a long slog through the wilderness. Everything that has been shamed, made invisible, silent or insignificant, misunderstood, hidden away and forgotten is coming back from the closet where we (or our ancestors) crammed it and then became too afraid to look at it. 


Death being our biggest fear and what needs to be avoided at all costs. Or is it?


And in embracing the parts of ourselves we have made dead (sometimes by pushing them onto someone else) we will shift to a relationship with the new life that arises. We can't not shift. Everyone gets a seat at the table this year. And every part of ourselves gets a seat, too.

Hang in there. We get three shots at this square this year. This will be the easiest one in the sense that it is the gentlest nudge in the new direction (the pebble at our head instead of the rock) and with Mercury set to station direct in a few days AND with some nice aspects next week - something is intended to shake loose. 


If nothing changed, nothing would change, right?

xo all


painting by the amazing Jane McNeely

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